Crisp Restaurant Starts Falafel Fever

Reviews | February 27, 2014 | By

I’m always on the lookout for new food spots to try. Most times I search the internet, read up on yelp, or get recommendations from friends to make my selection. In this instance the restaurant came to me. What I mean is the restaurant, Crisp, started following me on Twitter (my personal account) and challenged me to come in and try what they had to offer (Just to note-they did not offer to pay; they simply were a new restaurant looking to build up customers using social media).


White Bean and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

I would consider myself a meat and potatoes kind of girl. I grew up eating most of my meals with the composition of a protein, a starch, and a vegetable.  I still often follow this model today but I have been trying to break out of that mold and eat less starches and meat if possible. Eating no meat is a stretch for me…no potatoes is bad enough but take away my red meat and I may get Hangry! (In case you have not yet heard this made up word… It is the point when you are so hungry you are angry. Hungry + Angry = Hangry). But, if I am going to splurge the way I often do I need to balance it out sometimes.


DIY Mason Jar Housewarming Gift

DIY, The Potpourri | February 21, 2014 | By

I have always loved giving gifts more than receiving them. There is nothing I love more than spending the time to find the perfect gift that has heart and meaning behind it for whomever the special someone may be on the receiving end.


The Cruise to Nowhere-a Norwegian Cruise Line Review

New York, The Journey | February 18, 2014 | By

I recently returned from my 2nd Annual Girls Trip. A group of my girlfriends and I instituted this tradition last year in efforts to set aside time for just us to get away and leave behind the work worries, boyfriends/husbands, families and kids for a moment. You always need quality girl time! Last year it was a weekend in Mystic, Ct (You can find out more about our past adventure up on the blog Small Chick Big Deals which I also contribute to: ). This year it was Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Cruise to Nowhere”.


Event Alert: Beneduce Vineyard’s Sipping Series

EVENT ALERT! Beneduce Vineyards in Pittstown, NJ has started a once monthly Sipping Series course.



A Little Italy in Seacaucus,NJ-Trattoria Da Pino

Reviews | February 13, 2014 | By

I have a large soft spot in my heart for Italy. If you have not learned this about me already, you soon will by following my blog. It is where I truly founded my appreciation and passion for all things food. I have always loved food (I even went to school for it earning my degree in Hospitality Management for my Bachelors).  However; it wasn’t until my first trip to Italy (I have now gone twice) that my palate expanded and my craving for food knowledge began to grow.


Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake Batter Truffles Recipe

Desserts, Recipes | February 10, 2014 | By

I think it’s safe to say that often times the way to a woman’s heart is with chocolate, and arguably this could be true of some of you men out there too!


Blue Apron Meals Review- An Ingredient Delivery Service!

Reviews | February 6, 2014 | By

Not too long ago I stumbled upon a company called Blue Apron Meals on Twitter. I began to follow them as well as read up on their services.  I was surprised to find  that their offerings were a unique concept. Blue Apron Meals will send all the pre-portioned ingredients and recipes for 3 meals each week. It is a subscription based company that charges you weekly however; you can skip a week or cancel at any time. This structure is very similar to companies out there such as ShoeDazzle with the exception that this is on a weekly, not monthly, basis.


Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples and Singles-NJ & NYC Edition

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and whether you are part of a couple or a fun-loving single ready to find a special someone; you don’t want to be sitting on your couch drowning yourself in store bought chocolates when the holiday rolls around.