Mini Butterscotch Pumpkin Trifles Recipe

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Miniaturizing food is “in” right now. Everything from burgers to cakes has become bite sized. This week BTP is hopping on the bandwagon with a pumpkin inspired individualized dessert. (I did give you all fair warning about all the pumpkin to come!)


Pleasing Us With Pies at Positano Restaurant & Pizzeria- Wayne, NJ

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Some restaurants I go to with the specific intention to do a write-up on them. They may be one I have frequented for a while that I feel is worthy of a share, a new restaurant, or a renowned eatery that I can’t miss the opportunity to review. But then there are the restaurants, like today’s post, where I just go out for a leisurely meal and decide upon arrival that this may be a share-worthy experience.


BTP Gets a New Look

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Hey Everyone!!

BTP just got a new look. I’m so excited to share some of the new features with you like printable recipe cards and a cleaner, sleek look.


Pumpkin Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats Recipe

I’ve taken up a new morning hobby, working out. I’ve decided I like having my evenings to myself so I am starting to shift my workout class schedule to pre-work times (And yes, it’s as miserable as it sounds. I give all you early birds credit!). This new AM agenda also means an updated breakfast ritual. While I constantly change my morning meal I am into this new phase of overnight oats.


Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen Set to Open Today- Morristown, NJ

It’s finally here! As a Morristown resident I’m excited for the highly anticipated restaurant opening of Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen. It has been announced that service will begin today, Tuesday, October 21st.


A Mosaic of Indian Flavors at Cross Culture Restaurant; Princeton, NJ

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Up until a little over a year ago Indian food was not something I had ever truly experienced.  It’s not that I was ever opposed to it, I love ethnic cuisines. It just had not happened. A few of my co-workers share my affinity for food and have a laundry list of local restaurants within their repertoire. I started to join in on these occasional excursions to escape our desks every few weeks. Today’s write-up is on one of the regular stops, arguably our favorite, a little Indian restaurant called Cross Culture.


The Ultimate Guys’ Party Feast-Part Two

On Tuesday I kicked off this week’s two part post on The Ultimate Guy’s Party Feast. If you haven’t read the first post – click here for the Slider Station recipes)


The Ultimate Guys’ Party Feast-Part One

A few weeks ago I helped throw a surprise 30th birthday party for one of my good guy friends. Of course my big role for the night was the cooking and decorating. I wanted to create a macho menu for the mostly testosterone filled guest list. I also knew there would be drinks involved at the party so making food that was substantial enough to balance out the booze was an important factor. I came up with what I think is the ultimate guy’s feast (the ladies loved it too!). Sunday football gatherings are the perfect opportunity to make some (or all!) of this menu.


Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sage Sauce Recipe

It’s pumpkin season which means all pumpkin everything! I know, pumpkin fever is such a fad and pretty much every product imaginable comes in some pumpkin spice variation these days, but I love it! As soon as October hits (Alright, you got me… it may have been September this year) my pumpkin candles and recipes come out for the season. Today’s recipe is my first pumpkin inspired meal for the Fall (it will certainly not be the last!).


My Hometown Pick: Godfather Brick Oven, Seafood Bar and Grill; Morristown, NJ

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Everyone has their hometown restaurant.  It might be the closest Friday’s or Applebees, the hole in the wall restaurant that knows you by first name, or even the local pub you frequent to watch your sports games.  It’s your go-to when you don’t want to think about making a decision. Your local spot most likely won’t be serving groundbreaking dishes with avocado foams or black truffle jus, but almost every meal will be satisfying.  Your residential restaurant is the place you go to over and over because you have a trusting relationship with their menu, service, and venue. My write-up today is on my most recent go-to restaurant in town.