Mediterranean Turkey Cucumber Sandwiches

Life has been hectic lately to say the least. Working a full time job, planning a wedding, keeping up with the blog, getting in my crossfit workouts four days a week and juggling my very busy personal life is not an easy task. Is it rewarding? Yes, but certainly not simple. In the midst of falling behind with Behind the Plates posts and social media updates I have also hit an innovative block. I started to be more serious about my wedding diet once the New Year came around. In addition to taking an overall healthier approach to meals, I also have decided to give up one thing entirely each month in order to keep up the motivation. Last month it was alcohol. February has been a dairy free (to the best of my ability) month. Next month the attempt to give up gluten will start.


Ramen Rocks Morristown at Inspiration Roll Restaurant

Reviews, The Dish | February 16, 2016 | By

The food craze that has become a New York City sensation has made its way to Morristown, NJ. Our town now has a casual service Ramen restaurant!! In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, ramen noodles are no longer just the cheap dried noodles we feasted on in college. Thanks to the likes of restaurants like Momofuku Noodle Bar among dozens of others, ramen has become a sophisticated noodle soup and a complete foodie cult classic.


20 Ways to use Hot Sauce-Featuring Hank Sauce

I’m feeling hot, Hot, HOT today talking about Hank Sauce hot sauces along with some innovative ways to use up these spicy commodities.


BTP Superbowl Recipe Round-up

Today’s post is the complete BTP recipe round up for your Superbowl parties. And let’s get serious; the food spread is just as important as the big game on the television. When I think of Superbowl party food I think of sticky, cheesy, crunchy finger foods, oh and of course some chili! It’s essentially bar food that we eat from the comfort of our couches. The recipes below will satisfy all of the necessary game day criteria however; many of them are lightened up! Rather than ordering out, take a shot at cooking up some of the crispy baked wing variations for a big save on calories. Instead of chowing down on take-out pizza, the olive parmesan cheese straws are a great substitute (and so easy to make!). Take a browse below and make some additions to your menus!


Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatballs Recipe

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I’m kicking it up a notch for this year’s Superbowl celebration. I have created the ultimate party food that guys and girls alike will love! Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatballs are the quintessential football food. They encompass the finger food mentality and involve buffalo sauce and cheese; what’s not to love? And ladies, they are baked (not fried) and don’t involve the dark meat or fatty skins that typical wings usually entail. This dish is an all-around winner for the appetizer category.