Very Berry Açai Bowls

Sometimes you need something vibrant, fresh and fruity to jumpstart your day! I tend to lean towards more savory breakfast options like eggs and chicken sausage. But, there is something to be said about waking up to a burst of bright foods that are cool and refreshing. Today I’m exploring a food trend with all of you in my recipe. Açai bowls are not entirely new but they have received a lot of attention over the past year. They are even getting fully dedicated shops that serve up just variations of this frozen fruit dish. This past summer after months of wondering what all the fuss was about I stopped in a store in NYC to get my fix.


Best in Barbecue-North Carolina’s Midwood Smokehouse (Charlotte)

North Carolina, The Dish | September 20, 2016 | By

My best friend recently moved out of New Jersey and down to North Carolina. While I miss her terribly, the one perk of having her leave was getting to travel to a new place. She relocated to Charlotte and it is not a city that I have visited before. By the time she officially moved down there I already had flights lined up for my first visit. She took those first few months to learn the lay of the land and scope out the local hot spots. When asked if I had any special requests for things to do during my stay I had nothing to add to the agenda. In all honesty, I hadn’t heard much about the city in the past and didn’t know what it had to offer. I thought I would let someone else do the planning for once. My husband, on the other hand, had one item that was a non-negotiable. He wanted to experience Carolina barbecue.


Crispy Parmesan Baked Tomatoes

It’s time to slowly start turning your stoves back on. Fall is on its way and so is comfort food! But before we dive headfirst into the heavy meals I’m introducing you to a great transition dish today. This recipe is perfect for using up the last of your garden’s tomatoes but they encompass those warm fuzzy fall feelings after being baked.


Not the Usual Chip off the Old Burger Block, Butcher Block Burgers- Westfield, NJ

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Last week I was invited in to try out a new gourmet burger restaurant. The place was Westfield’s newest restaurant scene addition, Butcher Block Burgers. After pre-viewing the menu online before my visit, I had those fun butterfly excitement feelings. It looked like  Butcher Block was using a different take on their burgers. We all know that revolutionizing the burger isn’t exactly ground-breaking anymore. It seems that every bar in town now has a creation to call their own. While Butcher Block Burgers certainly has their share of all too common “gourmet burgers” lining the menu, they’re also taking another approach with some of their other menu items. Have you ever eaten a pork burger? What about a shrimp one? There are about nine different patty types on the Butcher Block line up. The diner can choose from the restaurant’s pre-designed and composed burgers or they can build their own from start to finish.


Italian Broccoli Rabe Burgers

Get those grills fired up; Labor Day Weekend is just about here! I don’t know about all of you but I was getting tired on the same old boring burgers so I decided to jazz it up. With some inspiration from a Food Network magazine where I spotted Broccoli Rabe sandwiches, I had my newest creation.