May Starbucks Giveaway 2017

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As soon as the warm weather begins you’ll find me in line getting my morning iced tea! Starbucks is often that stop and I wanted to share a little warm weather gift with all of you. Enter below to win a $200 gift card for Starbucks (now that’s a LOT of iced teas to enjoy!). 


Best Restaurant in New Jersey as Told By Local Food Bloggers

Gloria Nilson Real Estate just shared out a great article about the best restaurants in New Jersey. This version is “as told by local food bloggers”. Behind the Plates happens to be a contributor to this piece. I wanted to pass it along to all of you! This round up is great if you’re looking to move here for some insights.  It’s also great for those visiting and locals looking to hit some of the best food hotspots.  Below is the preface that Blue Collar Foodie  put together for the write-up to kick it off.


A Taste of Regional Italy at Piattino- Summit, NJ

Before I share my experience at Piattino, there’s a few things you should know about me. It’s very rare for me not to enjoy an Italian meal. With New Jersey and New York hosting more Italian restaurants than most places across the country, it’s easy to come across a decent dish. While I love to eat Italian food whenever I can, the restaurants I visit also tend to be a dime a dozen. My general feeling is that once you try one, you’ve tried them all. I shouldn’t paint such a broad brush but, as a large majority, most Italian eateries serve the same overplayed Americanized meals that we have come to accept as “true” Italian food.


Sprialized Carrot and Ginger Chicken Stir Fry

I saved my favorite recipe, from this spiralized series for last(supported by a huge Kings Food Market haul). I think I love it so much because it’s the most practical of the bunch. It involves everyday ingredients and it’s a 30 minute weeknight meal. The stir fry is also incredibly healthy because it’s overloaded with veggies. There are no carbs in this dish but they are not missed. The carrot noodles do the trick to curb your starch cravings. The sauce the dish is tossed in is smoky and sweet. Ok, now I’m salivating just writing about it.


Spiralized Zucchini Noodles with Chunky Sausage Marinara

Pasta | May 18, 2017 | By

Third time is a charmer and by charmer I  talking about this recipe of course! It’s BTP’s third recipe in the past two weeks (take a look here and here for the other two) that is featuring curly cut vegetables. The zucchini noodle, also nicknamed “the zoodle” is my most frequently used spiral veggie. When you have an obsession with Italian food, specifically pasta, like I do; you need a healthy alternative once in a while.  Zoodles got me through my wedding diet routine and were a regular weeknight meal.  It’s too easy and while nothing can quite replace real pasta, it still gives you those familiar flavors.


Roasted Spiralized Beet, Pecan and Gorgonzola Salad

Salads | May 16, 2017 | By

In my last recipe post (Butternut Squash, Spinach and Gruyere Breakfast Bake) I admitted to going a little overboard on the spiralized vegetables at King’s Food Market. I suppose if you are going to over-do it, vegetables isn’t the worst thing in the world! It’s just great how versatile the vegetable becomes once it is in that spiral form. You can use it as a noodle, French fry or in today’s case, use it in a salad. Today I’m featuring spiralized beets!


Spiralized Butternut Squash, Spinach and Gruyere Breakfast Bake

I went on a complete bender a few weeks ago. It was a craving that I just had to give in to daily. Thank goodness what I was in need of were easy to find. I’m talking about spiralized vegetables guys!! I totally went ham on the pre-made aisle in my King’s Food Market and brought home every spiralized vegetable they carried.  I tasted, tested, and perfected four recipes that week! Over the course of the next two weeks I intend to share all of them with you. Today I’m featuring spiralized butternut squash in a breakfast bake. 


Introducing Square Style Pizza at Whole Foods Morristown, NJ

Locals alert!!! Limited Whole Foods Markets rolled out their new Square Style square pizza at the stores’ ready-made food counters. The Morristown location happens to be a part of this exciting food introduction. I was privileged enough to visit the store on launch day to speak with Rico, the pizza chef, who is helping to lead the inaugurations across the New York and New Jersey stores.


How a Food Lover Spends a Weekend in Nashville

After each of my travel experiences I try to reflect on what part of the trip stood out to me the most. I prefer to take a more natural, and less premeditated, approach to what I think my readers will like to hear about in a travel post. I take photos during every meal (as long as I remember to!), take note of all trip activities, and evaluate my accommodations while traveling. After my trip concludes, whatever experience jumps out to me the most is where I start my brainstorm. Today’s post is focusing on my latest trip to Nashville!