A Travel Planning Guide to Oregon Wine Country

Are you a wine lover, enthusiast, aspiring aficionado? Have you been to Napa and Sonoma already and need a new wine destination? Do you want something a little more low key (and also a tad cheaper) to kick-off your wine travels? Oregon offers some of the world’s best wineries. The best part is that they are still slightly unspoiled. This wine region is not (yet) overrun with tourists and mainstream hotel and restaurant chains. That a big win in my personal book.


Mojito Watermelon Salad

This recipe is “one in a melon”…. ok, I tried to make you smile with that one. All puns aside, this refreshing fruit salad takes watermelon to new heights. My inspiration came from my trip to Oregon last month. Our bed and breakfast put thinly sliced mint in with their watermelon cubes one morning and the idea took hold. It’s not like adding two more small ingredients to the mix is a radical deviation, however; a little lime juice goes a long way!


A Food Lover in Portland, OR- Top 5

Oregon, The Dish | July 13, 2017 | By

Hi all my food loving adventure junkies! This post was written specifically for you.

A lot of my city visits are too quick. This means there is little time to explore all that each place has to offer. I know that a lot of people travel like me and only get a limited amount of time in their destination. This may be because the travel is work related, it’s just a long weekend away, or you’re just stopping through. Because we often have such little time to explore, I wanted to start sharing the top 5 food related destinations or activities that a given city has to offer! My latest short visit stop was in Portland, Oregon. We flew in and out of the airport on our way to our wine region destinations for our recent long vacation. We had a total of 24 hours to see the city. The list below is not comprehensive, but rather some key spots that are no fail for food lovers if you’re trying to make the best of your short time too! 


Chicken Satay and Thai Peanut Sauce

Calling all Peanut Butter lovers! This dish has your name smeared all over it. The creamy sauce in this recipe has big overtones of peanut butter but, is combined with tangy tamari, citrus, and just a hint of brown sugar. What could be better to pair it with than some dipping ready chicken? So here it is, the ultimate easy recipe for chicken satay and Thai peanut sauce.


Zesty Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

As I write this I’m thinking about my Bestie. She is a HUGE fan of chimichurri sauce. She was born in Puerto Rico and while chimichurri sauce is not part of the Puerto Rican traditional cuisine, it is from other South American cultures that tend to influence that area. It’s actually an Argentinian sauce that is paired with grilled meat but, when how often do you see an Argentinian restaurant? You tend to find chimichurri at Cuban, Peruvian and Latin fusion restaurants that are more accessible in the states.