Not the Usual Chip off the Old Burger Block, Butcher Block Burgers- Westfield, NJ

Last week I was invited in to try out a new gourmet burger restaurant. The place was Westfield’s newest restaurant scene addition, Butcher Block Burgers. After pre-viewing the menu online before my visit, I had those fun butterfly excitement feelings. It looked like  Butcher Block was using a different take on their burgers.

We all know that revolutionizing the burger isn’t exactly ground-breaking anymore. It seems that every bar in town now has a creation to call their own. While Butcher Block Burgers certainly has their share of all too common “gourmet burgers” lining the menu, they’re also taking another approach with some of their other menu items. Have you ever eaten a pork burger? What about a shrimp one? There are about nine different patty types on the Butcher Block line up. The diner can choose from the restaurant’s pre-designed and composed burgers or they can build their own from start to finish.




As for my own personal experience at the eatery, we arrived to a bright, clean, and casual dining room. We opted to sit on the dimly lit patio (So I apologize in advance for my poor photography!) on that warm end of summer evening. As we worked to settle on our burger selections, we also had to weigh on what side dishes to choose.  With about eight options it wasn’t an easy one. But, in the end how could I pass up the option to upgrade to truffle mac and cheese?!

After much deliberation I went with the composed pork burger. My husband chose the spicy beef burger with French fries. My only gripe with the menu is a personal one. Every condiment, and Butcher Block has a laundry list of homemade ones, is a mayonnaise or mustard. Of course I’m a bit narrow-minded when it comes to condiments and that’s my own issue. However; my burger would have been so much better had there been some sauce to keep the fantastic artisan pretzel bread and savory burger from getting dry. There was ketchup however; it didn’t sound appealing with my spiced pork blend, Gouda and onions. I’m sure the habanero mayo would have been the glue to piece the meal together for all you other diners out there!!

The mac and cheese could have used a little more salt or punchy cheese but I loved the option to add it as a side. The French fries, on the other hand, were dynamite. They were crispy, salty, and seasoned; my all-time favorite way to enjoy French fries.

Mangalitsa Pork Burger


Spicy Burger


truffle mac and cheese


their standard french fries

With the dessert menu in hand but our stomachs feeling pretty darn full it was a hard decision on whether or not to indulge in a sweet treat. Ultimately I couldn’t pass up trying one of their specialty milkshakes. I went for the S’mores and WOW is all I can manage as a description. I don’t even typically enjoy milkshakes and this was the highlight of my whole meal. The marshmallows were campfire toasty and the graham cracker ice cream was an exact replication of the cookie in a more spectacular form. Our other dessert choice was a blast from our childhoods’ past. How could we not choose the cup of dirt. It is such a simplistic treat but it brings back playful memories and warm fuzzy feelings. We spooned mouthfuls of the gooey pudding topped with oreos and gummy worms with pure joy.


S’mores Milkshake


Cup of Dirt

I should also mention that the restaurant is BYOB so bring your beers and wine along with you for the ride. The restaurant is in a prime location of town with plenty of parking nearby. The restaurant had barely been open two weeks on my visit and it was nearly a full house.  The service is friendly but still working through the natural flow of bumps and bruises as it opens its doors.

I would say that Butcher Block Burgers is off to a good start. I think that their concept appeals to all ages and diner types. They have everything from a simple burger, fries and shake for the “by the book” eaters all the way to meals such as a salmon burger with cilantro-lime mayo, black bean salsa and a butter top roll paired with lobster mac and cheese and a Nutella shake for us foodie types. The locally sourced ingredients from the restaurant also play into the current farm to table and knowledge about what you eat trends taking the area by storm.

Take a peek at the menu for yourself:

…all for the love of the dish





*Opinions expressed are solely my own 

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