Orange Olive Oil Zucchini Bread Recipe

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Today’s recipe is really a solution to a “problem” for all your backyard gardeners. It’s the time of year where you are starting to grow weary of the dozens of zucchini’s sprouting up in your gardens. Some of you will give them away to friends/family/coworkers. Others will be searching of innovative recipes that aren’t the “same old” that they’ve been eating for weeks now. Me personally, well without a garden of my own, I’m one of the lucky recipients of overflowing zucchini. So, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a delicious twist on zucchini bread (Orange Olive Oil) to re-invigorate the zucchini season excitement!


Double Dark Chocolate and Almond Ice Cream Bar Recipe { Dairy Free }

I scream, you scream, we all see where this is going…. I absolutely love ice cream on a hot summer day.  It has become even more of a “delicacy” as I have gotten older because I rarely allow myself to indulge. I’ve also moved towards a very limited dairy filled diet (ice cream doesn’t bode well for that criteria). For anyone who is like me who still likes the occasional ice cream treat, wants to stay on track with their diet and/or is dairy intolerant,  today’s recipe is exactly what you are looking for!!!


Chocolate Tart with Gingersnap Crust (Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Today I am discussing my recent death by chocolate experience. You guys, this is one of my proudest baking moments yet! Granted, I had a little help with an original recipe that I adapted from. BUT, I made the most decadent chocolate tart, and one of my favorite dessert recipes, into a dairy and gluten free version!! Did I mention it still tastes exactly the same?  I just about did cartwheels in my kitchen.


Christmas Crunch Chocolate Bark

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I have an over the top Christmas candy recipe for you today. Chocolate bark is one of the easiest treats to make, so for all of you “non-bakers” out there, this one’s for you! It’s a no-bake, recipe with everyone’s favorite snacks caked right into the chocolate. Bring this to your cookie swap to mix in with the classics so there is something new for a change.


Paleo Apple Cinnamon Mini Muffins

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Ever since I created the Flourless Mexican Chocolate Mini Muffins that are Paleo, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free I have tried to meddle with the recipe to come up with other varieties.  Today’s mini muffins are that result! As I have mentioned before, baking is not my passion. It takes a lot of science and meticulousness to perfect a baking recipe. I’m much more suited for the carefree way of cooking where there are often ways to fix and cover-up potential mistakes.


Double Chocolate Peanut Butter and Nutella Zucchini Bread

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Today’s recipe is absolutely nutty! It’s an over-the-top, over-indulgent, but oh-so worth it spin on zucchini bread. I mean…just the name of it spells out the impending overload of delicious dessert flavors- Double Chocolate Peanut Butter and Nutella Zucchini Bread.


Peppermint Brownie Batter Truffles

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It’s Christmas cookie crunch time! With just 4 days until Santa comes to town, I know many of us are in high gear trying to get everything done. The shopping, wrapping, cleaning and cooking are just part of the Christmas experience. However; sometimes there just isn’t enough time and energy to go around when trying to fit all of it in along with those year-end work schedules and holiday parties. I personally have been just trying to stay afloat after returning from a wedding in Mexico last week. But, a year without Christmas cookies wouldn’t be festive at all.


Flourless Mexican Chocolate Mini Muffins (Dairy Free)

A few months ago I attempted a Paleo challenge with my crossfit gym. While I successfully finished 30 days completely Paleo, I’ll admit that I didn’t continue the diet once our challenge ended. However; I do still try to eat a healthier lifestyle with fewer grains and dairy when I can. Recently I did some simple online searching for healthier dessert options and I started to see a trend of using bananas and nut butters to bake with. I tried several iterations of these mini muffins and even tried them out on my coworkers. I brought the muffins in and told a few of the unsuspecting recipients that they were double chocolate chip muffins, I left out that they were also flour and dairy free. Even the pickiest of eaters from our department admitted that they enjoyed these treats. A few people could hardly believe it when I told them both how healthy and easy they were.


Red, White and Booze Berry Popsicles Recipe

Hello Readers,

After a week long hiatus due to a nasty little summer flu that had me bedridden for a week, I am back just in time for the summer holiday. Today’s post is all about a fun, adults only, recipe to celebrate the patriotic weekend ahead. I came across zipicles in a recent trip to World Market. Essentially, these are the long plastic packets that hold the techa-colored fruit pops we loved so much as kids. Who knew they made and sold these empty packets for you to create your own? I had seen plenty of ice pop molds for sale but nothing like these before. Of course I had to purchase to try for myself.


Rich Chocolate Raspberry Pudding Recipe- Paleo Friendly and Dairy Free

There’s no pudding this baby in the corner (see what I did there….). Today’s dessert recipe is a showstopper. Not only are these dreamy chocolate treats made with only 4 ingredients, they also fit into my Paleo diet! (Insert happy dance!!). This also means they are gluten, dairy, and soy free too.