Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

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I had to share at least one pumpkin recipe for the season. So today is that day! I’m at the tail end of my farmer’s share for the year and we are getting lots of fun harvest vegetables each week, this even included a sugar pumpkin a few weeks ago. While my gut reaction was to make a pumpkin pie, I made a last minute direction change. With all the Halloween candy floating around and my recent addiction to caramel apples (Someone send help!), I decided having one less sweet around might be a good idea. So pumpkin soup it was!


Crockpot White Chicken Chili

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This Crockpot While Chicken Chili is the savory solution to your cold winter days!

I can’t believe I missed super snowstorm Jonas! My work trip to Dallas this weekend coincided with the start of the storm hit. I got out just before he arrived!. I’ll admit, I was mildly upset that I didn’t get to cozy up on the couch to watch movies, go outside to make snow angels, or sip some hot cocoa. However, I was very happy that I didn’t have to partake in any shoveling activity. The storm did manage to put a wrinkle in my plans by leaving me stranded in Dallas for an extra day. I was one of the lucky ones who managed a rescheduled flight within two days even if it did take a change of airline, two planes, and a handful of additional hours to do so.


Indian Spiced Cauliflower Bisque

Cauliflower has become one of my new favorite ingredients. It’s so versatile and healthy. It has such a mild flavor that works perfectly as a canvas to add spices and mold into your own masterpiece meal. On one of the first cold nights of this season I whipped up this soup to bring up my temperature a bit! I also had received an immersion blender for my birthday and was dying to use it! (It’s a miracle worker by the way!).The bisque was deceivingly healthy because it tastes so creamy and comforting. But with little more than vegetables and spices composing the dish, this recipe is definitely a clean eating meal (It also happens to be gluten free, dairy free, and paleo for all you special dieters out there!). 


Chunky Curried Lentil Soup Recipe

As much as I hate to admit it, it is still cold out and therefore, still soup season. Until those winter jackets are firmly packed into the back of our coat closets I won’t believe spring is on its way! And while I can’t wait for all those light, crispy, and bright spring meals; I am still enjoying the savory comfort of warm winter dishes.


Healing Vietnamese Style Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

It’s officially cold and flu season…*cough cough, sniff sniff* I thought I was making it by this season with no cold symptoms on the horizon. That was until the day before I had to return to work after my two week winter vacation. All of a sudden I was achey and all around under the weather. Maybe my subconscious was running wild with the thought of returning to my desk…but whatever the reason I still was feeling pretty crummy.


Butternut Squash & Apple Bisque with Mini Chicken Apple Meatballs Recipe

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Fall brings my favorite scents of the season. On Sundays my kitchen is often filled with aromas of assertive herbs and spices like sage, cinnamon and cloves. I also may have a slight obsession with all things squash and pumpkin. I’m sure you’ll see in the weeks to come that I love to incorporate these quintessential fall vegetables into everything I can!