A Food Lover’s Guide to Paris

I’ve been procrastinating on finalizing today’s post for a few days. I feel like by sharing my final page of my honeymoon travel diary, I am closing the book on the experience. I just want to keep reliving all the magical moments. I guess flipping through all my photo books and re-reading these posts will have to do!


Hideaway at La Bastide de Marie in Menerbes, France (Provence)

France, The Journey | August 15, 2016 | By

Today we explore a little village in the Provence region of France, Menerbes. Its number four of five for the honeymoon diaries (Check some of these: for other adventure stories here, here, and here )Before going to the South of France for myself I had no clue that the entire South Easter coast (including Nice and Cannes) is considered Provence! So when my husband and I kept telling people we were heading to Provence next we would get wide eyed stares followed by “yes, but where?”. Finally someone explained to us that the whole area was considered the Provence region and the little town we were specifically staying in is how we should address our location. Lesson Learned! Menerbes was a little town about 2 hours west and a little north from Nice. It is considered part of the Luberon Valley made up of other beautiful towns and villages like Rousillion, Isle Sur la Sorgue, Gordes, etc.


Top Five Things to Do in St Jean Cap Ferrat (Côte D’Azur )

I have been back in full swing with work and home life for just about a month now. And while, I love my little life, boy would I give anything to still be honeymooning around France. And today I’m specifically day dreaming about the Côte D’Azur and the small peninsula of St Jean Cap Ferrat that we stayed on. This post is part three of five of my Honeymoon travel diary (see parts one and two here).  I’m going to be discussing all things Cap Ferrat and the many reasons you’ll fall in love with this location instantly like we did.