Best Road Trip Food Stops- Route 95, Maine Edition

Maine | August 15, 2017 | By

Last month I took the long (And I mean LONG… like 15 hours with traffic long) road trip up Route 95 to Cherryfield, Maine. It’s a small town in Down East Maine. and just a short distance in from the eastern seaboard. It’s also not too far away from the Canadian border. It’s really up there! The reason for my journey up to this part of Maine was a family wedding. It’s hard to remember that I used to make this trip up to visit my grandparents, aunt and cousins multiple times a year.


86 This! in Ellsworth, Maine

Today is my second write-up about Maine this summer. I took another trip up to the vacationland for my cousin’s bridal shower. Except this time I went WAY up in Maine. My family lives in a small town called Cherryfield (and by small I mean unpopulated…we’re talking 1000 total residents across 44 square miles) about 4 to 5 hours north of the state border. To give you some perspective, the closest major grocer is about a  forty five minute drive. The mall is a mere hour and a half haul along with the closest highway. Cherryfield is untouched; it still looks like it probably did 40 years ago. A small little old fashioned general store/grocer is your option if you forgot something on your trip out to the large grocery store.  Also, forget about cell-phone service; once you’re in town your social media browsing and texting goes out the window. But, in this town it’s perfect to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the quiet and beautiful surroundings. It’s overgrown with wild blueberry fields (their claim to fame is their title of [wild] Blueberry Capital of the world) and houses are speckled across the town’s 44 mile expanse.  Everybody knows everyone and it’s a community unlike anything you’ll find in suburbia NJ. It’s just one big family.  I spent countless summers with family up there and this was my first warm weather visit in over 12 years. Albeit, my visit was a short 36 hours I did manage to pack a lot into my time there.


Review of Fox’s Lobster House-York, Maine

Over the fourth of July I made my second annual visit to Rye Beach, New Hampshire with my fiancé and his family for their yearly holiday festivities. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to read about the serene, but small, stretch of beach that his family calls home here is a link to last year’s post. There is a fun little blurb on the area and reviews of two MUST visit restaurants. I was more than just a little excited to get my fill of Petey’s Seafood again this year. I had a plate of their famous fried clams in front of me less than 2 hours after my arrival (We don’t like to waste any time!).