DIY Mason Jar Housewarming Gift

I have always loved giving gifts more than receiving them. There is nothing I love more than spending the time to find the perfect gift that has heart and meaning behind it for whomever the special someone may be on the receiving end.

There has been a lot of moving (locally and even across the country) amongst my friends and family in the past few years. I’ve always enjoyed the gesture of a housewarming gift but the trouble was…what do you give for this life occasion? I saw a gift idea on the internet a while ago and I have now truly taken it on as my own, made some tweeks and upgrades of course, and turned it into my “go to” housewarming present.

This gift is an overstuffed, oversized, mason jar (Any glass container will do) with housewarming goodies! It’s customizable, practical and can be very reasonably priced depending on the fillers you choose. I decided to share my latest creation with all of you.



Of course I have focused my gift primarily around food and the kitchen (I always like to give my own flare so the recipient remembers who it came from). But I added in a few other  items as well to really “personalize” the gift.

This jar contained the following:

    • Roasted Garlic StoneHouse Mix – I picked this up at the Sugar Loaf Craft Festival It’s homemade!
    • Basil Olive Oil from Carter and Cavero -An Italian Olive Oil producer out of Red Bank, NJ . They have a retail store in Pier Village-Long Branch, NJ
    • A a very mini cheese grater – Christmas Tree Shop


    • Wine Supplies-Houdini Wine toppers and Chefmate beer and wine openers


    • Home Sweet Home-Yankee Candle
    • Spatula-Ikea
    • Spoon dish towels-Target


  • Blue/Pink socks-This was the color schemes of the two friends’ rooms at their new place
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Big Bang Dice Game-Their favorite show can now be turned into a fun game night!


This simple gift can easily be transformed to become a birthday gift, a holiday present, a retirement acknowledgement, a bridal or baby shower gift, a Mother’s or Father’s day presents etc. As you can see the possibilities and stuffers are endless for your customized jar.

If you decide make one of your own mason jar gifts please send photos to BTP! You can e-mail me at or share via twitter with the hashtag #BTPmasonjar ! I would love to see your creations and share with the readers!


Happy Crafting!


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