End of Elm – Morristown’s Original Gastropub Review

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This restaurant review has been a long time coming. It’s not new to the local Morristown scene nor was it a first time visit for me (or even my 10th visit for that matter). End of Elm in Morristown has been around for nearly three years taking the old home of Hennessey’s bar near the train station. The restaurant has a gastropub appeal featuring refined American small plates and a great variety of craft beers and cocktails. I was quick to try it out when it arrived and I have frequented since. Why it has taken this long for me to do a write-up is a question I do not have the answer to!

I love End of Elm for a hangout spot to catch up with friends or grab a light bite to eat. The dishes are served tapas style which means you need to get a handful to truly make a hearty meal of it. This will take a big hit to your wallet too. End of Elm is not known for value pricing on their food. But the quality of the dishes and the trendy casual atmosphere keep me coming back.


For today’s review I am sharing my latest brunch experience from the eatery. This is partially because I finally had the epiphany to share this restaurant and partially because my all-time favorite dish is on the brunch menu. To be honest, my favorite dish is on their menu all the time but, I find it best consumed for brunch! The other reason I love to eat brunch at End of Elm more than at dinner is that their smaller plates are the perfect size (for me) as a full meal during that time.

We walked in to be greeted with a set-up for a Bloody Mary Bar on our Sunday outing. Needless to say we were a little excited. Bloody Marys’ are a brunch staple in my humble opinion and giving the opportunity to load them with as much olives, bacon, and vegetables as I want put it over the top! Ten Dollars each later we had our DIY bloodies and our brunch orders were in.




My selection was the chicken and waffles. If there are two words to explain this dish I would say they are “the bomb”! This southern sweet and savory classic is always welcomed with an open mouth by me. But, End of Elm’s version is my all-time favorite. What I find to be the most ironic part of this omission is that the dish features the perfectly sweet waffles and the crispy and salty battered chicken smothered in maple hollandaise. Hollandaise!

 For those of you who read my blog regularly you may know by now that I have a strong aversion to white condiments. Hollandaise makes that list. Yes, End of Elm has made me put my disdain aside JUST for their dish. I still have yet to like it in any other setting. Maybe it’s the sugary maple syrup combination that loosens my grip? Whatever the reason I’m able to enjoy it, the combination of savory and sweet and salty flavors of this dish are out of this world.  Then only ingredient that I find slightly out of place is the small coating of cheese on some of the waffles. I find that it is not necessary.  The bacon and chicken batter lend enough saltiness. But, that’s just my two cents. It still lands itself in front of me nine out of ten occasions that I dine here.


Our other brunch dish was the crab cake eggs benedict. Funny enough, this dish also has hollandaise so I won’t touch it. Don’t ask why I am so odd with my do’s and don’ts. I can’t figure it out myself.  But this didn’t stop my fiancé from scarfing down every morsel of the poached eggs, creamy sauce, the mini crab cakes and the corn pancakes they were served on. This dish happens to be one of his go-to meals when we visit as well. So if you’re into eggs benedict, I feel confident in saying that you will enjoy End of Elm’s version.



I also should mention that our meals came with mimosas but we opted to have our bloody marys first. Mimosas became our dessert; along with our craft beer tasting. Good conversation, a few drinks, and sports on the tvs (which only holds my fiance’s attention, not mine) did not make spending a spring afternoon here a hard feat.

Head to End of Elm’s website to look at all their small plate menus, read up on some of the press, or even make a reservation.


….all for the love of the dish



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