Pleasing Us With Pies at Positano Restaurant & Pizzeria- Wayne, NJ

Some restaurants I go to with the specific intention to do a write-up on them. They may be one I have frequented for a while that I feel is worthy of a share, a new restaurant, or a renowned eatery that I can’t miss the opportunity to review. But then there are the restaurants, like today’s post, where I just go out for a leisurely meal and decide upon arrival that this may be a share-worthy experience.


On a recent girls day outing we decided to stop for a late lunch at an Italian pizzeria that my friend was familiar with. She prefaced our entry to the restaurant with comments of how jealous her family would be that we had stopped at Positano Pizzeria. That was my first inkling this lunch may get photographed.


Upon our entry to Positano I observed a typical family style restaurant with the pizza counter up front and a dining room to the side. There were booths and tables up for grabs and in this casual setting we were able to seat ourselves. We cozied up in a booth and took note of the quaint harvest decorations that were set-up throughout the restaurant. There was also some fake greenery and indoor windows that seemed like a small attempt to provide the feeling that you may be eating at an outdoor restaurant in an Italian piazza.

The décor alone would not have constituted a blog entry. It was once I opened the menu is when I made the final decision that Positano had some distinctive talents to share. The dishes ranged from the Italian eatery classics like the chicken parmesans and fettuccini alfredos of the world to more out of the box items like fried calamari pizza (My order) and Italian slider specials.


Our table put in an order for a Lorraine’s chopped salad and two personal pies to share. Our salad could have fed a table of 4 for an appetizer. It was definitely a hearty helping. I most enjoyed the parmesan cheese and sopresetta that were tossed into the salad. You could tell that they were quality ingredients and not just cheap deli add-ins.


When the pizzas arrived that’s when the real excitement occurred. We placed our bets on whether or not the calamari pizza would be a hit or a miss. When you have something that interesting it tends to have that effect…a total flop or a complete success. To my pleasant surprise the calamari was still crispy and the fra diavlo sauce it was baked into was piquant perfection. The decision to not include cheese on this pie was a small stroke of intellect because I think that would have been the downfall to this indulgent pizza. What I loved most was the crust. It was thin, crispy, and flavorful.


Our other pizza was titled the Ricotta Pie. It was topped with lightly breaded eggplant, ricotta, mozzarella, marinara sauce and some cherry tomatoes. Essentially it was eggplant rollatini deconstructed onto a pizza. The crust on this pie was a little soggier from the extra creamy cheese but, it was still tasty. I enjoyed this pie, but it’s the calamari pie that would bring me back!

Positano’s is a family friendly, BYOB, and casual style eatery. It’s perfect for both those who are looking for a quick service night out and anyone who wants to do as the Italians do, eat leisurely. The dishes are easy to share and from what I experienced it appears that you’ll be in good hands with this chef.

Positano’s website:

…all for the love of the dish


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