Brew House Comes to Morristown- Revolution

The Dish | December 9, 2016 | By

I am a little behind on getting this one out there but, Morristown has finally joined the Beer Garden movement. The long awaited and highly anticipated empty storefront on South Street is now open for business. It didn’t take long for the locals to realize this either. My first visit was just about a month ago and Revolution was still just a few weeks into its inception. It was a Friday night at 5PM and there was hardly a place to stand, let alone sit, in the large warehouse style room. The large communal tables were packed to the brim and the bar was overflowing with activity. Revolution had already been discovered.


Workman’s Friend, The Everybody Pub- Charlotte, NC

Hi Everyone!

Last month I scooted back down to Charlotte for a weekend to visit my bestie. I have a feeling it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the Queen City (As Charlotte is often referred to). For those of you looking to travel there, just check back every few months to find more reviews and travel tips. And for those of you reading from the Charlotte area looking for great spots to try out, I’m happy to share your city! If you missed out on my big foodie find from my September trip, here it is (Midwood Smoke House).


Tacos and Tamales at Jersey City’s Taqueria Downtown

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I have another fun New Jersey restaurant review for all of you today. I apologize for my lack of recipe sharing in the past few weeks. The wedding appointments paired with attempts to fit in catch up sessions with friends and family has had me dining out way more than often lately.  The good news about this is that I have so many food loving friends and the handful of restaurants I have experienced lately have really been top notch.


End of Elm – Morristown’s Original Gastropub Review

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This restaurant review has been a long time coming. It’s not new to the local Morristown scene nor was it a first time visit for me (or even my 10th visit for that matter). End of Elm in Morristown has been around for nearly three years taking the old home of Hennessey’s bar near the train station. The restaurant has a gastropub appeal featuring refined American small plates and a great variety of craft beers and cocktails. I was quick to try it out when it arrived and I have frequented since. Why it has taken this long for me to do a write-up is a question I do not have the answer to!


Star Tavern’s Star Quality Pizza-Orange, NJ

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On the heels of the honorable announcement that Star Tavern has been awarded the  title of #2 Best Pizzeria in America voted by the American public themselves on The Daily Meal, it seemed only fitting that I would finally share my love for this restaurant.


The NEW Office Tavern and Grill; Morristown, NJ in Review

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For what seemed like years, The Office Bar and Grill (now known as The Office Tavern and Grill), was closed for a restaurant revamp. It was a regular stop on the Morristown bar scene, not particularly known for its food, but it was always big on getting people in for drinks. I personally was not a regular to the restaurant but; I was excited to hear that the remodel would not just be an aesthetic one but also a re-haul to their entire menu approach.


The Black Whale Bar and Fish House, Beach Haven, NJ in Review

Growing up at the shore, I never vacationed to the famous Jersey beach towns that so many flock to in the summer months like Wildwood, Seaside and Long Beach Island. I was a mile from the beach so getting a hotel room in another beach town, just miles down the road, would be a bit silly. Instead, during the summer months we vacationed and explored the lakes and coastlines of New England states like Maine and New Hampshire.


How to: Build Your Own Bruschetta Bar

I love to host events and dinner parties. Granted, I may run around like a chicken with its head cut off while prepping for them but, that’s part of the thrill. It may be my roots in the hospitality industry that have spurred my desire to be in the “business” of pleasing people. However; I truly enjoy it! (Just ask any of my friends) I will go above and beyond to try and pull off the perfect evening. This can range from putting together my annual Christmas fundraiser for charity where I’ve done themes including a wine and cheese pairing, ugly sweater party, and this past year I created a Christmas “photo booth”; all the way down to a simple dinner party with our neighbors where elaborate 3 course menus are developed in preparation.


A Double Trouble Dinner Lineup in Worcester, Massachusetts

After my latest travel adventure to Massachusetts I can safely say that Boston isn’t the only city in this state with a noteworthy food scene. My visit to the area was based in Westborough which sits comfortably between both Boston and Worcester. During my weekend stay, we used one of the nights to venture off the beaten Boston path to try out some of what Worcester, MA had to offer.