Heirloom Tomato Caprese Galette

I’ve had some serious pizza cravings lately but, it’s just too darn hot out most days to enjoy something that dense. I started thinking about how to beat these cravings without weighing down my plate. This sparked the great idea of making a tomato galette (a free form crusty “cake”). Making this recipe was the perfect opportunity to use up some farmers market finds for a much lighter take on the pizza concept.


Introducing Square Style Pizza at Whole Foods Morristown, NJ

Locals alert!!! Limited Whole Foods Markets rolled out their new Square Style square pizza at the stores’ ready-made food counters. The Morristown location happens to be a part of this exciting food introduction. I was privileged enough to visit the store on launch day to speak with Rico, the pizza chef, who is helping to lead the inaugurations across the New York and New Jersey stores.


Princeton Lunch Dynamic Duo- Teresa’s Caffe and Halo Pub

I’m taking a break from my travels today to share a summer staple lunch duo. This post would, could, should have been written years ago! A small group of us from my office started a quarterly tradition that has spanned the last five years. It involves two of my all-time favorite foods pizza and ice cream. Teresa’s Caffe and Halo Pub have nailed down these food groups.


Giving Back at Millies Old World in Morristown NJ-My 8th Annual Fundraiser

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to host my 8th annual Christmas fundraiser party. In my first year it started as a simple living room cocktail party where a handful of my closest friends brought a toy to donate.  In year eight the celebration, number of people and donations continues to grow. This continued experience gives back to me just as much as it does for the organization we contribute to. Every year my heart grows seeing all of the love and support from my family and friends. Their generosity is astounding and their excitement to help is ever-growing.


Star Tavern’s Star Quality Pizza-Orange, NJ

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On the heels of the honorable announcement that Star Tavern has been awarded the  title of #2 Best Pizzeria in America voted by the American public themselves on The Daily Meal, it seemed only fitting that I would finally share my love for this restaurant.


An Afternoon at A Mano in Ridgewood, NJ

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A girls’ afternoon led me to the busy little town of Ridgewood for the first time last month. It was a Friday afternoon and the center of town was a hub of activity. There were people enjoying leisurely lunches at one of the many restaurants, shoppers walking in and out of boutiques and brand name shops as well as families just out for relaxed walk around town.


Lombardi Pizza Co-An Interview with Owner and Chef, Peter Lombardi

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It’s flashback Friday on BTP. This whole paleo diet thing is going well but let me tell you…as soon as you tell me I can’t have something I automatically want it. It’s ironic because many of the things I can’t have I didn’t eat very much of, if at all, before this whole challenge. But just the sheer fact that these items are now off the table (quite literally) I want them all! While pizza may not fall into the category of these nonsensical cravings ( I certainly eat my share of pizza) it is something that is no longer in my list approved meals. In honor of me missing pizza’s doughy, cheesy greatness I figured I would share a throwback review/interview of one of my favorite NJ pizzerias, Lombardi Pizza Co. Read on and go and eat up at this fantastic spot on my behalf.


Salute Brick Oven Bistro-A Taste of Tuscany in Montclair, NJ

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A recent girls night out brought me to Montclair for dinner. This North Jersey town has a vibrant restaurant scene and there are so few that I have been able to visit. With a recommendation from one of my friends who frequents the area we settled on going to Salute Brick Oven Bistro for dinner.


Greek Pita Pizza Recipe

This whole wedding budget thing is harder than I expected! While attempting to save for our dream day the fiancé and I are trying to learn to cut corners. In the past we thought nothing of going to grab a casual weekend lunch because we were simply too lazy to cook (and by we…I mean “I”). One of the easier ways to save a little extra is to cut out unnecessary expenditures like these lunch outings. I would much rather go to one or two awesome dinners out a month then use up our restaurant outing budget on small lunches here and there. Now that we would no longer be dining out every weekend for lunch I had to start coming up with ideas to whip up at home. The key word for these meals was that they needed to be simple. After long, busy work weeks, I want nothing more than to make my life easier on my two “rest” days.


Pleasing Us With Pies at Positano Restaurant & Pizzeria- Wayne, NJ

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Some restaurants I go to with the specific intention to do a write-up on them. They may be one I have frequented for a while that I feel is worthy of a share, a new restaurant, or a renowned eatery that I can’t miss the opportunity to review. But then there are the restaurants, like today’s post, where I just go out for a leisurely meal and decide upon arrival that this may be a share-worthy experience.