Beef, Bean & Beer Chili Recipe

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Before I get to today’s Beef, Been and Bear Chili recipe I wanted to share a quick story. 

When I started on this whole blogging journey, I was not a computer whiz, a website developer, a photographer or a true chef by any stretch of the imagination (For the record, I am still none of the above). My work was truly cut out for me! Starting a blog can be extremely overwhelming, but is is also very exciting.


Migas-A Tex-Mex Egg Skillet Recipe

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Do you know what I love about Christmas break (aside from no work, of course)? Breakfast! I actually have the time to cook and enjoy a full breakfast meal on those cold lazy days. Most mornings I am drinking a protein shake on the go or grabbing a quick meal in my work cafeteria. I’m never up early enough cook a meal. I do cook breakfast on the weekends however; I usually don’t have time to do recipe creation and come up with exciting new dishes so scrambled eggs or an old recipe are my “go-tos”. But with a whole week off between Christmas and the New Year, I was able to whip up a new breakfast sensation (this Migas!) that I can add into that weekend repertoire moving forward!


20 Ways to use Hot Sauce-Featuring Hank Sauce

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I’m feeling hot, Hot, HOT today talking about Hank Sauce hot sauces along with some innovative ways to use up these spicy commodities.


Scrambled Huevos Racheros Recipe

I’m keeping up with my Mexican breakfast theme this week with today’s easy recipe for Scrambled Heuvos Rancheros.


Healing Vietnamese Style Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

It’s officially cold and flu season…*cough cough, sniff sniff* I thought I was making it by this season with no cold symptoms on the horizon. That was until the day before I had to return to work after my two week winter vacation. All of a sudden I was achey and all around under the weather. Maybe my subconscious was running wild with the thought of returning to my desk…but whatever the reason I still was feeling pretty crummy.


Christmas Eve Calamari Marinara Recipe

Everyone has their holiday meal traditions. One Italian customary meal that many families still partake in on Christmas Eve is the Feast of the Seven Fishes. This dinner celebrates the wait for Jesus’ birth. This commemorative meal became popularized in many Italian American homes and then began to spread. The Feast of the Seven Fishes is not something that my family participates in every year. However; we do have one seafood dish that is always included on Christmas Eve, calamari. My uncle hosts this night’s party and calamari marinara started to show up on the dinner table a few years back. Now I can’t picture Christmas Eve without it. Today’s recipe is my take on this symbolic holiday meal.


Jalapeno Peach BBQ Sauce Recipe

We are approaching peach season! I absolutely love enjoying a ripe, plump and juicy peach this time of year. There are so many wonderful dishes that peaches can be incorporated in. Most of us think of peaches in desserts, cocktails, or sometimes salads. I decided to take a different approach and incorporate this vibrant fruit into a typically savory and sharp sauce. Today we’ll be making a Jalapeño Peach BBQ Sauce.


Simple, Sweet, and Spicy Wings Recipe

Its almost Superbowl and while I can’t say that I am an avid fan and watch football every Sunday, I do often entertain for the big games like this. One of my recipes that tends to be staple for Sunday Football is my Chicken Wings. It is a slightly altered version of my Dad’s original recipe and it’s always a hit, especially with all the men!