Taking a Bite Out of Hungryroot Food Service

I am a persistent daily deal scrolling artist. I’d estimate that I am signed up on about a dozen or so websites that offer local deals and of course clothing and other goods. I could spend an hour or more each day looking through all the great deals however; it’s once in a blue moon I actually ever purchase anything. Today’s blog post happens to be about one of those rare trigger happy purchases from Gilt City (an exclusive deals website).

During one of my regular browsing sessions I came across a discount for meal delivery from a company called Hungryroot. The deal included 2 of their signature meals, 2 side dishes, 2 desserts, and a tote bag all for just $25 (It is typically about $50 on their site for this order). Now , there are deals like this all the time on these sites and I rarely give in to my “need to have” mentality. However; Hungryroot had a very interesting concept that I thought both my readers and I might enjoy. Hungryroot is founded on the idea of gluten free, vegetable based meals under 500 calories and ready for eating in less than 10 minutes of cooking. They have taken the spiralized vegetable craze and turned it into a fresh food delivery service. Their delivery system doesn’t work like Blue Apron and other subscription based services. This company does it on an order basis. You place your one-time order; pick a delivery date that works with your eating schedule and it arrives on that day. You can also buy items individually and not in bundles. For a $5 shipping charge for anything and everything (and free after $50) it’s not a hard sell!


carrot noodles with tangy sriracha peanut sauce

After hemming and hawing for about twenty minutes and researching their website I took the leap and splurged. A few days later a refrigerated box was at my door with the goodies. The meals have an approximately seven day shelf life. However; with fresh vegetables the sooner you consume the better! I dug into the root vegetable risotto with thyme apple butter the next day. It had a little crunch, a little spicy kick, and a harmony of fall/winter flavors. I was pleasantly surprised with the first tasting. My next few wouldn’t follow as serendipitously as that first one. As a disclaimer I took all my meals to work and heated them in the microwave (which was an approved heating method) rather than the recommended skillet. I also ate them about four days after their arrival. The carrot noodles with tangy sirarcha peanut sounded amazing in theory. I typically love anything with Asian inspiration. The sauce didn’t quite coat the noodles in the way I hoped, and my carrots were on the verge of no longer being 100% fresh. As for the sweet potato noodles with creamy cashew alfredo and falafel, I think it was just a matter of taste preference that I struggled with. I’m not a huge alfredo fan, let alone a substitute sauce. While the meals fell a little flat for me the desserts were the stars of the show. The carrot cake bites with coconut cream dipping sauce were dreamy. You tasted the fresh carrot and the warming spices and chewy oats pulled them all together. What I found even more surprisingly tasty was the almond chickpea cookie dough. I savored a large spoonful after lunch for over a week (this had a longer shelf life) and was sad when I scooped the last bite out of the bottom of the tub. Who knew that chickpeas could produce such a delicious vegan alternative!



My takeaway’s from Hungryroot were that I enjoyed their concept, the meals should be consumed as soon as possible for optimal freshness, and their desserts are worth the order. I tried only a small selection of their offerings and there were certainly more I would be willing to try. I encourage all of you spiralized enthusiasts and veggie lovers to take a look!  https://www.hungryroot.com/about/


…all for the love of the dish


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