The Background

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Hello Readers! Thanks for visiting Behind the Plates and learning a little more about how this all started.

My name is Missy Raho and I’m a Jersey girl born and raised and I am currently an Manager in the marketing department for a big name pharmaceutical company. You may be wondering…what the heck does this have to do with food!? Well, my path to this position was not straightforward. Ironically, it was my involvement in the Hospitality Industry that led me here.

My love for all things food and travel related started when I was 11. My grandparents allowed all their grandchildren to choose a location in the world, write a report on it, and  for our eleventh birthday we would get to travel there. I chose Paris. I had to keep a daily journal of my stay and to this day when I look back through it, I laugh. This is because almost everything I documented was food related! After that trip I couldn’t get enough…I was ready to see the world. I wouldn’t get to travel much more until college but, my food interest began to grow at a rapid pace. I decided to go into college majoring in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  My passion for food and travel grew with every internship, class, and industry related experience.

My senior study abroad to Italy, where I studied wine and the Emilia Romagna region’s food, truly sealed the deal for me. I gained a deeper appreciation and understanding for food culture and it sparked even more intrigue for me into the hospitality world. I worked predominantly in private clubs during my college years and moved on to become a Food and Beverage Manager at a country club after graduation. A year later I decided to go back to school to get my Master’s degree in marketing and with that a job in meeting planning and logistics management in the pharmaceutical industry fell into my lap. It was appealing to me because I would get to travel around the United States as well as places like Denmark and Bermuda to help with meetings. I have soaked up every experience I could after taking that job. I continue to travel for both pleasure and work and keep up with my passion for food through cooking and food related outings. But that began to not  be quite enough. Even though I enjoy my career in pharmaceuticals, I have missed my hospitality roots.

This is where Behind the Plates steps in. I had been looking for a way to further share my experiences and a blog seemed like the perfect outlet. This is my personal blog where I share new food adventures, travel experiences and ways to expand my and your knowledge and appreciation for all things gastronomical.

The name Behind the Plates has significance to me because it is a head nod to 2 things that have been a big part of my life. Food and Softball (Yes, I was a catcher for those of you who understand the reference).

The blog’s mission is “…all for the love of the dish”. I know all things in my life revolve around this, my passion for food, and I hope I can share just a piece of that with all of you.



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    Susie Moy
    October 17, 2016

    Good afternoon,

    We are a food manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, NY. Our products will be sold in many Shoprite locations in New Jersey in the upcoming months and we are looking to advertise with some local New Jersey blogs/publications.

    Please provide me some specs and cost if possible at your earliest convenience, or various options on how we can work together. Looking forward to hear from you, thanks!

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