20 Ways to use Hot Sauce-Featuring Hank Sauce

20 Ways to use Hot Sauce-Featuring Hank Sauce

I’m feeling hot, Hot, HOT today talking about Hank Sauce hot sauces along with some innovative ways to use up these spicy commodities.

I connected with the Hank Sauce Brand back in October at my cousin’s wedding. A family friend and I were exchanging pleasantries and we got to talking about my blog which led to her son’s hot sauce business. After a fun discussion about our mutual passion for food and hearing all the great accolades of this start up business; I was excited at the prospect of learning more.

There was not much effort needed for my research because a lovely card and care package arrived at my doorstep a short time later. I was going to get to try these hot sauces for myself!

The two college friends who created this business have made quite a name for themselves. The duo has now even opened a Hank Sauce seasonal restaurant in Sea Isle City, NJ. After my own experience with the brand, I don’t doubt there will be more on the horizon from these two.

I enlisted my Dad to have a hot sauce tasting on one of my visits home. My father, much like myself, has an enthusiasm for all things spicy. We worked our way through each sauce (both on a cracker and completely by itself) and developed a few tasting notes to share for the four variations.

  1. Cilanktro- herbaceous, mild, with a slight acidity

  2. Camouflage– medium heat, sweet acidity-(Has similar ingredients as Cilanktro with a higher level of heat)

  3. Original Herb Infused: medium heat, slightly different twist on herb notes due to added basil

  4. Hank’s Heat: This is the spiciest sauce of the bunch. Less sweet notes, more fiery roasted flavor

My personal favorite was the herb infused version, although all were pretty tasty! To learn more about Hank Sauce head to their website http://www.hanksauce.com/ 

For those of you who aren’t like my fiancé who fearlessly puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING he eats; I have some fun ideas to incorporate a little spice into your lives. Here is my list for 20 ways to use Hank Sauce.

    1. Swirl into soups (Just think, chicken noodle, Ramen, pasta fagioli etc. will never be the same!)

    2. Drizzle on popcorn

    3. Dip your scrambled eggs (put it on almost any egg dish!)

    4. Spice up your stir-fry

    5. Mix with ranch dressing to create a creamy buffalo sauce

    6. Add into your burger mixture for a kick!

    7. Bring the extra heat to BTP’s cocktail sauce (1/2 cup ketchup, 1/3 cup horseradish, 1 tbsp hank original herb infused hot sauce, and a squeeze of lemon)


  1. Make your pasta sauce an “arrabiatta” by swirling in some hot sauce

  2. Add it to your fried chicken batter to spice it up

  3. Cure a sore throat with a dash of hot sauce, squeeze of lemon juice, tsp of honey in hot water. Gargle, rinse, repeat.

  4. Liven up taco night by drizzling your dishes

  5. Make the perfect Bloody Mary by adding a few drops into the mix

  6. Add some to your hummus and dip veggies for a kicked up snack

  7. Mix some into your butter to top your mashed potato

  8. Bring the heat to your salad bowl by adding a drizzle

  9. Add a few drops to hot chocolate for a Mexican style sweet treat!

  10. Spice up your raw bar eats (raw clams and oysters especially) with a dash

  11. Boost your guacamole recipe with a hint of heat

  12. Give your pizza one extra topping with a sprinkle of sauce

  13. .Use a smidge of hot sauce when pickling vegetables; add it into to the vinegar and water.


…all for the love of the dish



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