BTP at the Belmar Seafood Festival

BTP at the Belmar Seafood Festival

A few weekends ago marked the 28th Annual Belmar Seafood Festival. I grew up just minutes from the yearly celebration and have yet to ever attend. This year my mission was to change that and boy did I pick a beautiful year to go. Bright blue skies flew overhead accompanied by a perfect sea salt scented breeze (the smell that always reminds me of home).


The festival was the place to be this weekend. Attendees of this event were scattered everywhere. Picnic blankets and beach chairs adorned the lake side of the festival while people perched on the boardwalk or at the few tables set up by the event on the beach side. And then there were the crowds in line for the food.  At first I will admit it was a little overwhelming because I was trying to take in all the food vendors and see what each had to offer. It was hard to navigate through and take my time “sightseeing”. After walking through two rows of back to back seafood eateries I finally made a decision on my first stop……….  Continue reading the rest of the story on Devil Gourmet


…all for the love of the Dish



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