Blue Apron Meals Review- An Ingredient Delivery Service!

Blue Apron Meals Review- An Ingredient Delivery Service!

Not too long ago I stumbled upon a company called Blue Apron Meals on Twitter. I began to follow them as well as read up on their services.  I was surprised to find  that their offerings were a unique concept. Blue Apron Meals will send all the pre-portioned ingredients and recipes for 3 meals each week. It is a subscription based company that charges you weekly however; you can skip a week or cancel at any time. This structure is very similar to companies out there such as ShoeDazzle with the exception that this is on a weekly, not monthly, basis.

I was intrigued by the concept but, the near $60 price tag per week was a bit above my price range. It wasn’t until Rue La La (A members only shopping site that I enjoy browsing for daily deals….sign up…but warning it’s dangerous!) featured Blue Apron Meals on their site for a half price trial that I was able to indulge.

There are a few things I wanted to share about my experience before you go forging ahead with your sign-up for Blue Apron Meals. Here is a quick pros and cons list of my overall website and services experience.


  • The website is easy to navigate and setting up an account is quick.
  • The website allows non-subscribers to view their weekly menu recipes on the site and follow along at home without having to buy the ingredients through Blue Apron Meals.
  • There is delivery flexibility. The site gives a selection of three different days during the week to have your ingredients delivered.
  • You can choose meals to be delivered for 2, 4, or 6 people.


  • You must receive 3 meals a week- no more, no less.
  • You have to choose between all meat meals or all vegetarian meals. There is no mix and matching allowed.
  • You are unable to have meals delivered for only 1 person.

I used my voucher to receive 3 meat meals (for 2 people). It arrived on the promised day and all of the meat stayed perfectly cool with the refrigeration type insulation they included (impressive packaging!). The produce looked fresh and ripe. The ingredients  were truly pre-portioned and well labeled to distinguish what recipe each should be used for.

The meals I had for the week were Sweet and Sour BBQ Drumsticks, Chili-Dusted Fish Tacos, and Center Cut Pork Chops with Pan Sauce. You can see pictures of each of the ingredients and finished product below.

behind the plates
behind the plates

behind the plates
behind the plates

behind the plates
behind the plates

I thought all three dishes had elements that were inventive such as the apple-kohlrabi slaw that paired with the pork chops and the quick pickled red cabbage that topped the fish tacos. Every dish was very flavorful. Also, true to the website’s promise, all of my dishes were completed in 35 minutes or less.

I cancelled my weekly subscription after my first week trial. I did not cancel because I was unhappy with the customer service or the delivered product. This decision was  based solely on the cons I outlined above and the price point. I would love to see broader offerings by the company to have the ability to mix and match (meat and vegetarian meals) and customize  to the consumer’s needs (aka not be forced to buy 3 meals a week). My ideal situation would be to order one meal a week for 2 people. One less day of food planning and a chance to try creative new dishes would be appealing to me! I enjoy that I get to try ingredients that may not be local to me or I don’t want to buy in bigger quantities (some of the oils and spices that came with my recipes were things that are typically expensive or that I would not use regularly enough to purchase). But I just couldn’t personally commit to their structure.

I did e-mail Blue Apron Meal’s customer service to ask about the limited service and they did inform me that changes were coming in the future. There were no specifics on timing or the exact changes so I guess I can hope for the best!

Blue Apron Meals I applaud your concept and would definitely recommend you to anyone that your current structure works for!

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