Brew House Comes to Morristown- Revolution

Brew House Comes to Morristown- Revolution

I am a little behind on getting this one out there but, Morristown has finally joined the Beer Garden movement. The long awaited and highly anticipated empty storefront on South Street is now open for business. It didn’t take long for the locals to realize this either. My first visit was just about a month ago and Revolution was still just a few weeks into its inception. It was a Friday night at 5PM and there was hardly a place to stand, let alone sit, in the large warehouse style room. The large communal tables were packed to the brim and the bar was overflowing with activity. Revolution had already been discovered.

I decided to stick it out, put my name in for a table, and grab a beer. The draft selection is what you would hope for in a beer garden, extensive. There are approximately forty-two revolving beers on tap that are displayed on flat screens that hang above the bar. This was one minor quibble of mine with Revolution. The concept and menu alert the diner/drinker that it is a German American style beer garden. However; the space and interior decoration divert your thoughts elsewhere. It looks very industrial with stainless steel bar tops, sleek technology, exposed brick, and lacquered ceiling.

They do call it a social brew house, so I suppose it their own variation of the classic beer garden. As long as your head and your mouth don’t mind being in slightly different places, the pub is a pretty cool setting.


After about thirty minutes we were sat at a high top that was tightly tucked between the center of the room and the walk path. I’m going to put it this way; this is not a date night location. The tables are cramped, the walkways are a minefield to get through, and the bar is constantly full. As long as you know this going in, it’s completely fine. We were happy to get a place set our drinks and host our food plates, even if it was amongst the crowd.

I ordered a flight of beers, with my random selection of four that looked good, to start. The waitress was returned them in a chalkboard carrier with the names written on the front so I could keep track of what I was sipping. While I worked my way through those, we ordered the loaded Pierogis appetizer and a sausage sampler platter with Kielbasa, Brat, and the Revolution Wurst.

The pierogis were more than likely the frozen ones you could buy at the grocery store. But, I can honestly say I would still order them again because the bacon and bourbon sauce are ‘hmm hmm good”. The sauce is sweet and syrupy and the bacon balances it out with a salty note. The sausages were also tasty. Aside from the circumference of each, I would have been hard-pressed to tell them apart (our waitress never told us which was which). The homemade sauerkraut was my favorite bite though. It had a hint of sweetness that I have not had before and I liked the complexity it brought.

my beer flight
the loaded pierogies
the sausages

Revolution is serving up beers and bar food and from what I see they are doing a stellar job at the kickoff. I love that the town now has something slightly different as an option. All the other local bars with the all too familiar bar food, have started to become stale.  The thought of a big German pretzel and a beer is a welcome invitation in my book!

Revolution is already bringing in the crowds so come prepared to share your personal space and wait a bit. But, isn’t it worth a great pint of beer in your hand, good pub food in your stomach, and a lively crowd of potential friends?

See their website for the full menu:

…all for the love of the dish


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