BTP Takes a Honeymoon

BTP Takes a Honeymoon

It’s been more than a month of failed attempts at devising my latest culinary delight to share with all of you. And by failed attempts, I really mean no attempts! I have been on complete autopilot. The wedding is officially one month away! If that weren’t excitement enough, my work life got a bit more interesting when my supervisor decided to take her leave and my other counterpart is on her way out the door for maternity leave. Did I mention I will also be out of the office for almost a whole month? So I am trying to hold together the pieces of many workloads and enjoy the last 30 days of engaged bliss.

With that all being said, my brain has had a hard time juggling this third chunk of my life, which is the blog.  To fit in after-work wedding appointments, work events, etc. I have had to keep our weeknight menus to a level of simple that I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m talking about baked chicken and frozen vegetables and lots and lots of salads. It’s definitely not anything that I’m excited about, so it certainly won’t make it to Behind the Plates. I should also mention I have been out to eat more than a handful of times and have plenty of photos and thoughts about reviews to prove it. The problem, I can’t seem to find the passionate energy that I think is important to translate in the story when I’m writing. It wouldn’t be fair to the restaurant and it wouldn’t be fair to all of you.

I love Behind the Plates and I can promise it is not going anywhere. But, I think it’s time that I take the next two months to plan, get my work done, take in every moment of my wedding, and then be adventurous on the honeymoon.  I know I will come back re-energized and eager to share.

I encourage you all to dig into the archives for summer recipe inspiration and restaurant bucket list ideas. There is plenty to keep you busy during my time away.

I wish you all a delicious two months ahead.

P.S. for any of you wondering, the photos above are in fact the hotels where I am headed  for my real honeymoon in a month 🙂 (Lake Como, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Provence and Paris)

…all for the love of the dish



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