Burgers and Brunch at the Committed Pig- Morristown, NJ

Burgers and Brunch at the Committed Pig- Morristown, NJ

This week it’s all about burgers and The Committed Pig is the highlight today! First, I want to clear up any possible confusion about why I would post a detox recipe for my New Years resolution. But then, follow it up with a gluttonous burger experience a week later.  I taste tested and visited the next 2 posts’ restaurants back in December. I took the opportunity during my holiday time off to test out recipes and visit some exciting new eateries so that I could bring all of you some great material for 2016.

So don’t be surprised if you see some less than perfectly “clean-eating” recipes thrown into the mix in upcoming weeks as well. Now that I’ve thwarted all possible judgments for food indiscretion, it’s time to get into my first burger review.

The Committed Pig is first up for the restaurant rundown.  The Committed Pig opened almost exactly one year ago in Morristown. The popularity of its Jersey Shore location in Manasquan, NJ led to a North Jersey sister restaurant. I have been there a handful of times since its inception. Taking note of the volume of diners and quality of food (from my own observations) I think the Committed Pig is here to stay.

One of the more exciting facts about the Committed Pig is that it was created and is still owned by a Fairleigh Dickinson University Graduate. Jerry was a part of the Hotel and Restaurant Management program which was also my alma mater and bachelor’s degree program. The level of achievement that Jerry has reached is not just commendable but a rarity in an industry that is known for being exceptionally hard to break out in. While, I am always thrilled to share the success of fellow graduate, I promise that my food commentary below is without bias!



The committed pig’s menu is quite simple. They’re main dinner menu’s focus is on burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. The menu is casual, concise and short. On the brunch menu you’ll find some additional sections including more than six variations on the Jersey classic, pork roll, egg and cheese. There are also a handful of extremely tempting pancake options like cookie dough and Nutella stuffed. I’ve stuck to the burgers for my drop-ins. I’m fully aware that it’s time to branch out. Yet I can never seem to talk myself out of my favorite burger!



On my first visit I ordered the baked brie burger. It’s topped with bacon, fig preserves and of course brie cheese. It came out and it was two super thin patties on a simple potato bun. The bacon was not Applewood smoked or extra thick cut, just regular old bacon. The brie and preserves were tasty but, alone as ingredients, not noteworthy. It was also a very messy (soggy) burger. While I enjoyed it, I really didn’t take the time to understand the simplicity of the ingredients and the symmetry of flavors. It wasn’t until one day later when I was already craving this burger that I realized just how good it was!

The burger combinations the Committed Pig has to offer are unique. However, many times with these over the top variations the dish loses the sense of being a traditional burger. It’s like it takes on a life of its own. After quite a few tastings of the Committed Pig burger, I’m convinced that the reason I enjoy it so much is that it maintains the integrity of a home cooked hamburger.  The ingredients and the sticky eating experience are just part of its charm.



The Committed Pig is a worthwhile stop in Morristown. The food is comforting, the dining room is cozy, and the service is pleasant. If you can make it for brunch, bring along a bottle of Champagne. The restaurant is  BYOB and you can pair with their fresh squeezed orange juice. Expect a wait if you plan on going on the weekends. It’s also a tight space so your wait may just be outside as it seems hard to accommodate waiting crowd.


Here’s the website for the full menu: http://thecommittedpig.com/ 

…all for the love of the dish



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