Dad’s Turkey and Pepper Paninis Recipe

Dad’s Turkey and Pepper Paninis Recipe

Its National Sandwich Month and to celebrate I am honoring the ultimate sandwich maker, my dad! These turkey and pepper paninis are inspired sandwiches from some of the many he’s made me over the years.

I was fortunate enough to live in a house where both of my parents were fantastic cooks. They took turns cooking dinner but; my Dad took on the task of making school lunches. Growing up, I was quite the picky eater. (American cheese and white bread were not dared to be mentioned…for the record, they still aren’t!). My parents went through hoops to find lunch options to please me. It started with simple cold-cut roll-ups but by high school I had moved up to “gourmet” wraps and sandwiches that my father created. Everything from chicken caesar salad wraps to roast beef and pickle sandwiches graced my lunch box. My friends started to become jealous of the daily unveiling of my sandwiches. This led to my dad packing me 2, 3 even 4 sandwiches a day so that I could share with all the fans!

As I got older and moved out of the house it was still part of the tradition on visits to have Dad whip up lunch. The past few years his sandwich niche has been paninis. I’ve enjoyed numerous unique creations. And I always look forward seeing what leftovers in the fridge will become a sandwich centerpiece. (london broil, meatloaf, shrimp…there are no bounds to the leftovers uage). My dad still shares his lunchtime skills with friends even though he does not have my brother or me to provide for anymore. On my last visit home he was making stacks of Cuban paninis to bring to his friends at the local lodge he spends time at. I’d say he has some lucky friends!

Today’s recipe is a simple panini sandwich with fryer peppers (They are always growing in my parent’s garden and have highlighted many a sandwich from my father), fresh garden tomatoes, and cold cuts.

I don’t know if my sandwich could ever beat one of my Dad’s but; I’ve tried to share some what I have had the privilege of enjoying all these years!

…all for the love of the dis!

Dad’s Turkey and Pepper Paninis Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 2 servings


  • 4 slices of thick rye bread
  • 8 slices of provolone cheese
  • 6 slices of deli turkey
  • 4 slices of deli cut pepperoni
  • 4 slices of tomato
  • 2 fryer peppers
  • 3 tsp olive oil
  • cooking spray


  1. Heat up a medium frying pan with a tsp of olive oil over medium heat. Cut the peppers in half and remove seeds. Add peppers to oil and fry up until tender and slightly browned. About 5 minutes.
  2. Compose your sandwiches. 2 slices of cheese on the bottom, 2 slices of pepperoni, 3 slices of turkey, 2 tomato slices, 2 pepper slices, and another 2 slices of cheese on top for each (thus gives it the grilled cheese effect)
  3. Heat another tsp of olive oil in the pan. Cook the sandwiches one at a time. Use cooking spray to coat the bottom of the side of sandwich that will be touching the pan. Place sandwich in pan. Cook until browned (about 2-3 minutes). I use a wide spatula and the pressure of my hand to press the panini down. (Much easier if you have your own panini press!)
  4. Spray the top of the bread with the cooking spray and flip to repeat on the other side. Once the sandwich is browned and the cheese is melty it should be done.
  5. Repeat the process again starting with adding 1 more tsp of olive oil to the pan for the second sandwich.


In the spirit of my pickiness and how I l personally like to enjoy my sandwiches there are no condiments. Feel free to add the mustard or dressing of your choice but I think they taste just as great without any!

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