Dining Out in Medjugorje, Bosnia

Dining Out in Medjugorje, Bosnia

My destination today may not be a familiar one or currently on your current bucket lists. However; I want to share a piece of my Medjugorje, Bosnia trip. There are over 1 million new visitors coming each year to this city. I won’t share too much of my own unique experience as it is a bit personal however; I do have a food recommendation to review.

Some of you may be wondering what the draw is and others may recognize the city name but, never considered it a tourist stop. Well, Medjorgorje is a place of Catholic Pilgrimage. In the early 1980’s, six young children became visionaries when they had apparitions of the Blessed Mother. To make a long story short, Medjorgorje became a special place to come for retreats and prayer. Friends of the family, along with some of my own family members have made numerous trips to Bosnia just to have this encounter. Whether you are Catholic or not, Medjogorje is truly a unique experience for a better understanding of spirituality and religion.

Now that you have some background about this destination, I want to provide details on a must-stop dining experience. The center of Medjogorje is bustling with tourists, souvenir shops, and eateries. Like, most attraction areas you need to sift through to find the good eats. We did some of that for you, so you can skip right to the good stuff! There also aren’t many options outside the main center of town. This area of Bosnia is not built up (aside from the city center) and finding something within walking or driving distance would be a difficult task.

With all that said, I introduce to you Restaurant Regina. It’s in the heart of the downtown, right next to the church. It also duals as a beautiful wine bar aside from the café portion. I found that Bosnian and Croatian menus (at least in the tourist areas) have a large Italian influence. You’ll see many familiar dishes of pasta. Olive oil is also made relatively locally so definitely indulge in bread dipping as you review your menus.

To be honest, I couldn’t decipher if there was a truly local meal that should be tried. SO…. A lot of pastas, pizzas, and red meat (veal and steak are regulars on the menu) were consumed over our two visits to this restaurant. Each dish came out fresh, well-plated and delicious. My personal favorite was the Penne with Pesto. The large bits of herbs with the fresh oil and cheese made for a tasty dish down to the last bite.

We also went back for an afternoon snack and sip of local wine (well, everyone else…the hard part of being pregnant!). We sat in the wine bar surrounded by bottle racks and around a live tree growing out of the center of our high-top table. We indulged on Pizza Margherita (which is really just cheese pizza over there). Our service was pleasant and timely as it had been on our previous experience.  Essentially, Restaurant Regina didn’t disappoint, again.

Restaurant Regina is a solid selection for your travels. It is an easy to access location, has a beautiful indoor and outdoor dining area, and the food will absolutely satisfy. There is really something for everyone on the extensive menu.

As for travel to Medjugorje, I am including some links that may peak your interest. These dive a little deeper into the profound meaning of the area and what to expect.



…all for the love of the dish



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