Event Alert: Beneduce Vineyard’s Sipping Series

Event Alert: Beneduce Vineyard’s Sipping Series
EVENT ALERT! Beneduce Vineyards in Pittstown, NJ has started a once monthly Sipping Series course.


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In my first post on Behind the Plates I listed out my goals for the year. One was to work on focusing more on wine knowledge and appreciation (A great excuse to drink more wine right??).  I happened to receive an invitation from Beneduce Vineyards through their mail list for a new class experience they will be offering. If you have never been to Beneduce it is the perfect little New Jersey Winery. They have the everyday tastings that most wineries offer along with some distinctive weekly and monthly events. Every Saturday and Sunday they offer  Group Therapy sessions, as they call them, for their visitor’s. During Group Therapy the vineyard has live music, BYOF (bring your own food), and a great outdoor area that has a beautiful view in the summer and is tented and heated in the winter  for all year round entertainment. I have been to a handful and it’s always a relaxing, pleasant, and wine happy evening.


Back to the new class offerings…  their winemaker, Mike, will lead the classes with discussions on the basics of wine tasting, pairing and overall enjoyment. They have said that the classes are perfect for all experience levels. Not to mention it’s a fun, unique reason to get a group together on a Friday night, drink some wine, and in my case reach a goal of learning some new things!
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(Photo compliment to Beneduce Vineyards)

We all missed out (or maybe some of you did attend) the first Sipping Series session which took place Friday, January 31st. The next class will be Friday, February 28th and it is entitled: What’s in your Glass? In this class there will be a focus on mastering the techniques of blind tasting. I’ll be excited to use these skills to impress friends at future outings!

There are 3 classes left including the one this month on February 28th. Each individual course is $30 a person (not too bad considering this price includes wine, cheese, and a Beneduce wine glass to take home). You also have the option of signing up for all 3 of the upcoming classes from February-April for a discounted price of $75.

If you’re looking for something to change up your weekend routine this is a good place to start.

Hope to see some faces there while I’m learning some new techniques! I’ll be sure to provide some feedback post-course as well for all of your curious readers.


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…all for the love of the dish



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