My Hometown Pick: Godfather Brick Oven, Seafood Bar and Grill; Morristown, NJ

My Hometown Pick: Godfather Brick Oven, Seafood Bar and Grill; Morristown, NJ

Everyone has their hometown restaurant.  It might be the closest Friday’s or Applebees, the hole in the wall restaurant that knows you by first name, or even the local pub you frequent to watch your sports games.  It’s your go-to when you don’t want to think about making a decision. Your local spot most likely won’t be serving groundbreaking dishes with avocado foams or black truffle jus, but almost every meal will be satisfying.  Your residential restaurant is the place you go to over and over because you have a trusting relationship with their menu, service, and venue. My write-up today is on my most recent go-to restaurant in town.


I’m the first to admit that I like variation. I typically don’t like to go to the same restaurants over and over and I definitely try not to order the same dishes if I do repeat a visit. My motto has always been that there are SO many places to try, why continually go back to the same place when you can have a new unique experience? There have always been restaurants in town that out of convenience I have  frequented more than a handful of times however;  I wouldn’t have called any of them my regular spot.

Last year Godfather Brick Oven, Seafood Bar and Grill opened in town. They happened to be right next to my favorite wine shop, Cambridge Wines (My interview with their sommelier is also on BTP). On Friday nights Cambridge Wines offers free tastings that are open to the public. My boyfriend and I started to make a habit of stopping there to pick up our weekend wines while getting to taste some new ones. One week we decided to head next door to try out Godfather for dinner. That was when the relationship blossomed.

The Godfather has a substantial menu that features Italian cuisine along with their raw bar and brick oven pizza offerings. It’s hard to make a dinner decision with the massive amount of dishes to choose from. Once I finally narrowed it down, I fell in love with the first dish I ordered.  I got their arrabiata sauce filled with olives and cherry peppers (This stuff is not for the faint stomached…it’s spicy!) with their homemade fusilli (If a restaurant offers a house made pasta option…it should be a no-brainer).  I found myself going against my rule of thumb of ordering something new on subsequent nights at Godfather. When I decided to go Gluten Free the restaurant helped me get through that phase with their options for both pizza and pasta that fit this dietary requirement. The pizza was fantastic. For all you Gluten Free people out there, this stuff is the real deal. You can barely taste the difference!  Our Friday night stop to Cambridge Wines and Godfather has become a monthly, sometimes bi-weekly, ritual.  Take out/Delivery evenings have also become fairly regular from the Godfather when a couch potato mood strikes. The service has always been friendly and while we are not on a first name basis with the staff; if our routine continues I don’t doubt that the time will come.

My latest visit is what is being photo documented throughout this post. It began like every other evening with olive oil, olives, and focaccia and italian breads being delivered once we were seated. Our waiter provided the specials for the evening which had both of us both rethinking our original decisions (But who was I kidding…I knew I would just order the arrabiata). I convinced my boyfriend to order the special I had been interested in, veal chop over homemade roasted red pepper linguine topped with lobster sauce and fresh mozzarella. Just like the homemade fusilli always is, the linguine was perfectly al dente. The lobster sauce was rich (no actual lobster pieces were included) and the veal chop was melt-in-your-mouth, tender.

Backing up to our appetizers, we ordered the clams oreganata. The garlic scented, crispy bread stuffing overtook the clams a bit but the luscious white wine sauce became a delicious dip for our bread. We also indulged in a stuffed mushroom special. They were filled with crab meat and bread crumbs and were served over a syrupy red wine sauce.  We loved the mushrooms but didn’t feel the sauce was necessary.

The Godfather Brick Oven, Seafood Bar and Grill has a solid menu with dishes that are comforting, familiar, and tasty. Everyone has their own description of what cuisine, restaurant, or specific dish fulfills their idea of hometown comfort. The Godfather is quickly becoming mine.

Take a look at their website here:

…all for the love of the dish




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