How a Foodie Pops the Question to Her Bridal Party

How a Foodie Pops the Question to Her Bridal Party

Before I get started on today’s post…there’s a pretty important announcement I need to make. I got engaged a little over a month ago!!  I won’t get into all the details but my fiancé did an amazing job organizing a romantic proposal followed by a party to celebrate with close friends and family. It was the most exciting night of my life. Now it’s all about planning until the big day.

In a former “career” I worked as an event planner so all of this is so much fun to me now that it’s no longer a job. I just love pulling together little details that make an event special. Our wedding will not be until 2016 so I have quite a bit of time to get it together (The jury is still out on whether that’s a good or a bad thing). So while I haven’t dug too deep into the actual big day plans yet I did put together a special little “proposal” for my bridesmaids.

I wanted to come up with a unique way that somehow incorporated my main passion, food (of course), to pop the question to my best friends.  I landed on doing some special macarons that would be sent to each of the girls along with a special individualized card.  There are two companies that helped me pull this off and I can’t wait to introduce you to them.


First is a fantastic little stationary business called Meghan Shaughnessy Designs.  The owner Meghan and I actually went to college together and although I have not seen her since we graduated we remained social media friends. She started this venture a few years ago and I watched it grow from afar. I had seen all the great custom work she had done on everything from wedding invitations to custom menus to cupcake toppers.  I knew that her company would be a great match for my idea. I sent her my request and once she was on board to help, I provided my verbiage to use for the quote , the color scheme, and a Pinterest photo I had seen just for a style reference.  Within a day or two she came back with a beautiful mock-up. I made a few tiny modifications and asked if we could do two further customized invitations; one for my Maid of Honor and one for my “Bridesman”  (I didn’t think he would appreciate all the flower decor). She happily drafted some additional cards for me and all of them came out so charming. Meghan was a pleasure to work with. She stylistically understood my vision and she worked with my timeline. Her work is definitely not limited to weddings so for those of you with events who would like a personal touch you should definitely check  out Meghan Shaughnessy Designs!


The other vendor I used to make this proposal happen was Asalt and Buttery Bakery of Little Falls (Soon to be West Caldwell). They are truly masters of their craft. It’s a tiny shop whose main focus is macarons. You’ll find a few other baked goodies in the store but; for the most part it’s all about the technicolored French pastries. I was introduced to Asalt and Buttery at the Montclair Food and Wine Festival. Their macarons were melt in your mouth good.  When I decided on including food in my “proposal” they were the first place to come to mind. What I love about this family owned shop is their passion and dedication to a great product. They make everything on-site with the best quality ingredients. My Tahitian Vanilla macarons were flavored with real vanilla beans. You won’t find artificial flavoring here. Also; this is a Gluten Free friendly bake shop. They went above and beyond for my order. They sprinkled my macarons with gold dust to keep with my color scheme and they assisted in refrigerator packaging and mailing some of my orders to those who lived out of town. They wanted my bridesmaids to receive their macarons at their peak freshness (Macarons are time sensitive for eating and should be enjoyed within a few short days!). They even helped include my personalized Meghan Shaughnessy Desgin cards with the shipments.  Oh…and have I mentioned they will ship nationwide? I’m foreseeing lots of macaron gifting in all of your futures…and believe me your recipient will love you for it!

The one thing I did not mention was what I gifted to my Bridesman. To keep with my foodie-focused theme I went with Jack Daniels Whisky. It also happens to be both of our favorite drink so it had some significance.

My bridal party absolutely loved both the cards and treats. If you’re looking for a fun way to pop the question to your friends here’s a great option.

I promise to try and not bombard you with wedding posts the next 18 months. However; if I come across more share-worthy or food relevant planning tips during my journey I’ll be sure to pass them along 🙂

…all for the love of the dish



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