Introducing BTP on Yummly

Introducing BTP on Yummly

Have you heard about It’s a food-lover dream site with a Pinterest-like feed of only recipes. The photos or swoon worthy and the food envy runs high with each scroll!!

Behind the Plates has joined the ranks of this recipe binge site and I am so excited to share my page! I hope all of you will visit for your favorite recipes and of course scroll through the deliciousness of all the other food websites and bloggers who share here too.

Here is my page: BTP on YUMMLY 

One last fun detail I forgot to mention, you can create your own Yummly profile to save all your favorite recipes. You can even do it right through BTP’s blog posts by clicking the Yum social share button and it will be saved directly to your recipe page on Yummly. It’s an easy access way to save all your favorites!

Enjoy 🙂

…all for the love of the dish



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