Makrbox Subscription-The Perfect Foodie Holiday Gift + An Exclusive Offer

Makrbox Subscription-The Perfect Foodie Holiday Gift + An Exclusive Offer

My favorite part of the holiday season is giving! Whether is giving back to those in need or finding the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, I find such gratification in giving to others.

In the spirit of the giving season I wanted to share a great present idea for the food lover in your life! Makrbox is a company that has created mail order gift boxes of curated artisanal goods. You can sign up for one of their monthly subscription boxes or send a one-time gift of goodies. The subscription boxes are just $29 a month and include independent gourmet and hand crafted home and kitchen products. The company is a big supporter of their local culture. All of the products are locally made and discovered in the Pacific Northwest area. They encourage these small businesses to share their stories and inspire their craft by including a maker’s descriptions that describes their background, process and product description with each artifact included.  


I recently paired up with Makrbox to see what these monthly deliveries were all about. I could hardly wait to tear it open when my Makrbox arrived at my doorstep. I was treated to 5 unique items in my box. First was a wooden sauté tool from Geoff Fisher who produces these gorgeous kitchen spoons out of his own home from scrap from his neighbor’s cabinet shop. There was also a small jar of garlic dill mustard. Mustard and Co. is trying to bring bold flavored, minimally processed condiments to the market. A special little jar of San Juan Island Sea Salt which is made locally in the Pacific Northwest was also included. Ballard Bee Company provided a sampling of their honey which is a mission-based company that is working to improve bee population awareness in Seattle.  Lastly, there were Abeego natural food wraps in my box. These are reusable and biodegradable alternatives to plastic wrap. The natural materials are ideal to keep your food fresh!

All of the items in my box were so excitingly unique! I have already put the sea salt and honey to use and they were fantastic. I love seeing the process and mission behind each of these small companies. It provides an insight into their passion for the products. I know I would love to get one of these boxes every month and explore all the kitchen inspiration possibilities with Makrbox.

The clock is ticking on the holiday gift countdown so get your food-loving friend or family member their subscription ASAP!

Behind the Plates readers are going to get an Exclusive Offer on their first month’s subscription or gift from Makr Box. Simply enter the code BEHINDTHEPLATES30 for 30% OFF !!! This offer is valid until December 31st, 2014.

You can read more about all the products and gift options on the Makrbox website:


…all for the love of the dish


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