Ming ii -A Morristown Asian Food Experience

Ming ii -A Morristown Asian Food Experience

Believe it or not, there are still a small handful of Morristown restaurants I have not dined my way through. It’s not necessarily for lack of wanting to try them. It’s just that I’m always out to try the newest place on the block or settling with my regular favorites. Ming ii is (WAS) one of those restaurants I hadn’t checked off the list.

Last month I had a girl’s afternoon planned with my mom for lunch and a movie. It was the perfect opportunity to try one of the restaurants I have placed on the back burner for a while now. You see, the Hyatt hotel has a few restaurants along with the movie theater packed right into its walls. Ming II and Mehndi were my neglected eateries. We decided to try out Ming II which is an Asian cuisine restaurant.

The set up for the 2 restaurants is interesting. They are tucked in a quiet corner of the hotel business center. They also share a restaurant lobby, kitchen and bathroom. So essentially, the dining rooms and menus are the only differentiators. The dining rooms have no windows and wood paneling so they are dark and intimate. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect on arrival. It was not the bustling restaurants I am used to in town.

Once the menus were delivered I realized my assumptions that it was a solely Chinese food restaurant were wrong. The menu covered cuisines from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and China. It had many of the classic dishes we expect at an Americanized Asian eatery. But, it also had some more traditional meals that were less frequently seen.


The waiter helped to navigate the heat levels on the dishes as my mom doesn’t eat anything too spicy. He did this unprompted which I thought was helpful and a good show of service.  We decided on vegetarian roti canai to start followed by crispy duck pancakes and chicken pad thai. The roti was warm and buttery, the best I’ve had to date! The dipping curry was full of chickpeas, potatoes and spice. It was not as creamy or sweet as I have experienced in the past. I think I prefer the touch of sweet but, the Roti made up for it.

The crispy duck pancakes were served with a pile of pickled vegetables, thin doughy disks, hoison sauce, and of course slices of crispy duck. The vegetables were my favorite part. They were plump and fresh with a little sweet and a little sour flavor. The duck needed more actual duck and less fried skin. But, the slices that did have meat were satisfying.

The pad Thai was covered in a blanket of egg. As you chipped through the egg shell you were rewarded with warm noodles, juicy chicken, and a savory sauce. It was one of the better pad Thais I’ve enjoyed and I loved the presentation.


Ming ii is not a takeout style restaurant so do not expect to pay for combination platter deals or small pints of food. While the prices are elevated, the portions are large. You’re also paying for personalized service, a romantic dining room, and higher quality food.

If you are looking for a place to sit down and enjoy Asian food rather than eating from your couch, this is the place! The wide variety of options will please almost all diners. And hey, you can make a date of it with the Theaters just a few steps down the hall.

Here’s their website for the menu and more information: https://www.ming2morristown.com/

All for the love of the dish.



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