Ramen Rocks Morristown at Inspiration Roll Restaurant

Ramen Rocks Morristown at Inspiration Roll Restaurant

The food craze that has become a New York City sensation has made its way to Morristown, NJ. Our town now has a casual service Ramen restaurant called Inspiration Roll!! In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, ramen noodles are no longer just the cheap dried noodles we feasted on in college. Thanks to the likes of restaurants like Momofuku Noodle Bar among dozens of others, ramen has become a sophisticated noodle soup and a complete foodie cult classic.

Inspiration Roll is one of the newest food neighbors on the Morristown block. Their main focus is sushi burritos and ramen bowls. It’s really a fascinating and refreshingly new concept. The sushi burritos are filled with proteins like tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura, and pork katsu. They are mixed in with toppings like kimchi, pickled onion, mango, tamago and cucumber. And they can be smothered in sauces such as spicy mayo, sriracha ketchup, and peanut sauce. The burritos are then rolled together with rice and nori to round out the Japanese fusion dishes. The featured Ramen bowls range from vegetarian to spicy to miso inspired.


On my visit to Inspiration Roll our group all opted for the Ramen. It was a chilly winter day and the thought of warm noodle bowls was very enticing. We also ordered a side of Bao (steamed pork buns) to share. I personally went for the spicy ramen that featured roast pork, mushrooms, and meaty broth. It was the perfect mix of salty and savory. The soup size was impressively large, even shareable. I slurped my way through about half the bowl but ate only one bao steamed bun before hit my capacity.

The pork buns were sticky with a sweet glaze. The little bit of lettuce gave it the crispy component it needs to finish it off. They also are usually paired with spicy mayo but I had it put to the side as I don’t like mayo. My dining partners enjoyed this extra kick of sauce though.  I dipped my spoon into the Miso Ramen dish. This one had a slightly seafood approach in flavor. It was a little lighter without the spice but still held its own as a delicious salty and savory mix.


The Inspiration Roll dining experience starts when you order at the counter. After paying, if you can find a seat at one of the few open tables you’ll be served in about five minutes. As I mentioned earlier it’s a casual style experience but worth the stop in. In a town chalk full of restaurants there is little diversity in the cuisines offered. Japanese is not new to the scene but with a fresh new concept I think that Inspiration Roll will hold its own!


Head to their website to learn more or stop in their “off the Green” location!  http://www.inspirationroll.com

…all for the love of the dish



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