5 Packing Must-Haves for Any Traveling Lady!

5 Packing Must-Haves for Any Traveling Lady!
It’s Travel Tuesday! Whenever I plan for my upcoming getaways I start a packing list. But there a few staples that I bring along on every trip no matter the location, weather, or agenda. I wanted to share what my 5 Must Haves for us traveling ladies when packing for any getaway or vacation. 

A Blank Journal– Nowadays we document everything we do by Instagram, Facebook, and various social outlets. When I travel I like to try (key word!)  to disconnect from the digital world. Using a journal to document adventures, favorite meals, or things like must-see landmarks will create a wonderful keepsake to look back on. It provides another dimension to the trip because you can write-down your personal thoughts and feelings at the time of your experiences. I find this to be WAY more memorable than a simple Instagram picture! You can even print your pictures and paste them into the journal to make it your photo album as well!

Luke & Abby of DegnodiNota on Etsy have a great shop for handmade travel journals. See one of their styles below and find them to buy here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DegnodiNota


A Blazer: this is such a versatile piece of clothing. You can dress up a sundress or a pair of jeans or transform it into a light jacket on cool days. If you bring a neutral color like black or white it should match with most of your outfits on the trip. When there is limited room in your suitcase bringing a piece that goes with everything is both functional and fashionable!

Check out the blog PlanePretty.com and Jenny Winward’s posts on a blazer 3 ways!






A purse or bag that zippers: I personally like larger bags so that if I buy souvenirs, pick up guides & maps, or need room for things like my blazer , I have room! I always like a zipper when travelling in case of pickpocket concerns and so that I don’t drop anything out and lose it!

My go-to is the Stella and Dot bags. I have used the bag featured below for all of my trips the past year and it has been perfect!



The Little Black Dress– Pack up your little black dress (You know, the one they say every woman should own). If you have limited space this is the only dress you’ll need. I have one that I can dress up and down depending on the occasion. Use your blazer with it one day, change up your jewelry or shoes on the next and now you have multiple outfits!

DailyFashionista.com recently featured how to style that little black dress for multiple occasions. Check out their take on this clothing piece and where you can buy : http://dailyfashionista.com/dfstreetstyle-from-sweet-to-edgy-with-lucky21/



Lastly…and in my mind most importantly! :

Your Foodie Research– I do my food related due diligence before every trip or vacation I take. What is the local cuisine? What is the city, country, state known for? Where are the must eat at joints? I like to compile a personal list of things I want to try and the places to go for these items. You could even write these down as a trip checklist in your “must have” journal and check them off as you go!

With all of these things in tow for your trip you can’t go wrong! Happy Traveling!

…all for the love of the dish



**All photos were granted permission for use in this post


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