All About Plonk Wine Club-Join or Give a Gift Today!!

All About Plonk Wine Club-Join or Give a Gift Today!!

Do I have a fun post in store for you today! I have discovered the latest wine trend on the block and I’m so excited to share this brand with everyone.

Plonk is a boutique style wine club that was created by Etty Lewensztain. She’s been honored by Wine Enthusiast Magazines “40 under 40 list”. She’s also been honored in Food and Wine and Wine and Spirits magazine. She has been featured in a long laundry list of reputable publications such as Forbes, Glamour, and Huffington Post. Her wine resume is impressive to say the least. She set out to curate and share sustainable, artisan and small batch wines with the world though her wine club. Her goal is to reach wine lovers and spread knowledge about lesser known varietals and producers with this relatively inexpensive club.
Why I love it:
  • You can curate your box to your varietal style (all Cabernets), do an all white varietal box, or do a complete mixed bag. It’s really catered to your tastes
  • Its affordable. Their monthly packages start at just $49.99!!! 
  • They speak to foodies like me by including inspired recipes with each of your monthly wine picks. These recipes are collaborated with Food52, so you know they are GOOD!
  • I should also mention that for those of us still learning about wine, they include detailed tasting notes for each bottle
  • Some of my favorite food websites are raving: Food and Wine, Wine and Spirits Magazine, Huffington post, Thrillest, Tasting Table, and so many more!
  • I can’t skip over the convenience part. I love that I don’t have to pick up my same old bottle or spend time talking to a “not so knowledgeable” liquor store salesman to attempt to  select a great wine.
Right now if you sign up for one of their memberships you’ll also get a $35 coupon for HelloFresh. WOOHOO!!! Not a bad deal….date night is in the bag people. OR send one to your parents, friends, or even neighbors for an easy Christmas gift. No shopping mall necessary! Get moving and use at checkout to take advantage of this sign-on deal
Join in the wine fun!!!!!

At the Plonk Wine Club, we do the picking and you do the drinking! We do all the work so that you don’t have to.

…all for the love of the dish

All the views above about the company are my own.

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