Princeton Lunch Dynamic Duo- Teresa’s Caffe and Halo Pub

Princeton Lunch Dynamic Duo- Teresa’s Caffe and Halo Pub

I’m taking a break from my travels today to share a summer staple lunch duo. This post would, could, should have been written years ago! A small group of us from my office started a quarterly tradition that has spanned the last five years. It involves two of my all-time favorite foods pizza and ice cream. Teresa’s Caffe and Halo Pub have nailed down these food groups.

The lunch date starts with our visit to downtown Princeton’s Teresa Caffé. It’s nestled amongst the storefronts and shops in Palmer Square and conveniently right next to a parking garage (Parking at lunchtime during the week is quite a challenge). I’m not sure if that’s the reason we ended up there five years ago but, whatever the reason for our first stop to this Italian influenced café, it became a regular (and necessary) stop for our crew.

Rossa-Pepperoni and Olives

insalata di pizza

Fico: fig, blue cheese and prosciutto

While Teresa’s has other lunch options we have known nothing else aside from their pizza the past five years. The pies are made in individual size and they have the standard Margherita and Pepperoni but live outside the box with things like their year round insalata pizza or seasonal specials like fig and blue cheese (which I indulged in on the latest trip) or spicy corn and summer vegetables. They have their own local farm where they source many of their ingredients. No matter my choice for the visit, I somehow manage to polish off every last bite often complaining of an overstuffed stomach. But yet it never stops me from enjoying our dessert stop across the street.


If you go to Theresa’s you MUST walk across the street and have a cone from Halo Pub. If you don’t already know there is a local ice cream rivalry between Halo Pub and The Bent Spoon. I personally love both! Halo Pub is hard ice cream and The Bent Spoon is more of a take on gelato. Either way you cannot go wrong.

But for our quarterly dynamic lunch duo it must be a scoop from Halo Pub. Actually, it must be a ½ scoop. They do ½ scoops! It’s the PERFECT size for a little sweet treat after an already gluttonous meal.  The amaretto chocolate almond is my go to choice but mint cookies and cream, cherry vanilla and so many others are worth a try. Its cash only but a ½ scoop is under two dollars. I should also mention that Halo Pub’s ice creams are house made from the Hamilton, NJ dairy farm that is a part of their business.

My half scoop cone!

With both locations I’m supporting a local farm while indulging, what a fantastic excuse. Teresa’s is not the only one in their restaurant family. I have gotten to know some of their other entities like Eno Terra and Mediterra quite well. They live and breathe Italian food and do it well. Halo Pub also has their other ice cream location in Hamilton.

Make a day trip; grab a group from work, whatever you have to do to make an afternoon of it but, try out my favorite lunch duet.

…all for the love of the dish



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