Review of Anthony Davids-Hoboken, NJ and a BTP Announcement

Review of Anthony Davids-Hoboken, NJ and a BTP Announcement

Hello Readers,

Before I start to tell you all about Anthony Davids in Hoboken I first have a Public Service Announcement. I am going to be taking a short hiatus from the blog over the next couple of weeks. My fiancé and I will be travelling to 4 states in the next 4 weeks for weddings, wedding related activities and some vacation time. While I would love to say that I have stockpiled enough recipes and reviews to keep you all busy for a while, unfortunately life has just been a little too hectic lately! The good news is that all of our travels should bring some great content in the upcoming months!  I can’t wait to return in Mid-October and bring you autumn comfort food recipes, some pages from our travel diaries, and more great restaurants ideas to add to your bucket lists.

While there will be no blog posts you can definitely follow along on Instagram (behindthepl8s) to see some of our travels! 

Now on to what you came here for…Anthony Davids!

I first heard about Anthony David’s about three years ago. Some friends of mine had raved about a recent experience they had and encouraged me to get there as soon as possible. For my birthday, which was just a few short weeks later, these friends decided to take me to the restaurant as my celebration. The only problem was that they never called ahead and when we arrived we were sadly greeted by closed for renovation signs. My chance to give the Italian eatery a chance slipped through my fingers and the idea was not revisited again until about a month ago.

A group of my friends and I decided to meet in Hoboken as a central location in relation to where we all currently reside. The dinner decision came down to me and because I so rarely get an opportunity to eat in Hoboken I resurfaced the restaurant I missed out on, Anthony Davids. This time I was sure to make a reservation!

The restaurant was a bistro setting feel to it and we were nuzzled into a back little room that housed only three tables. It has become tradition to ask the wait staff what their personal favorites on the menu are when trying a new place out. Our waiter energetically shared his personal preferences and allowed us to digest the information while we dipped focaccia bread in the white bean dip that arrived when we first sat down.


In order to please the varying cravings and taste buds at the table we opted to do an antipasto for the table. We were able to pick from a wide array of market vegetables, artisan cheeses, and cured meats. From our selections the standouts were the grilled artichokes, the cacio pecorino and the wild boar sausage. One of my friends also decided to get the grilled asparagus appetizer which was composed with sunny side duck egg, prosciutto, black truffles and pecorino over crusty bread. This dish was a symphony of comfort Italian flavors. I typically would not opt to eat anything with a runny egg but yet my fork kept finding its way back for more. I would highly recommend this as an order for your table.


For our entrees I went with the recommended restaurant specialty, wild boar ragu. The boar resembled short ribs in flavor with just a hint more gaminess. It was incorporated into a light tomato sauce that was rich in flavor from the simmered meat. My only constructive criticism for the dish would be that the bits of broccolini stalk in the sauce were an unnecessary addition. The papparedelle pasta that the ragu was served over was paper thin and clearly homemade, which always scores points with me. It was a solid meal. Our table had no complaints with their dishes either (I managed to sample them all!). The Gnocchi with rock shrimp were delightful little pillows served with a creamy pesto with tiny bursts of tomatoes. The duck breast was perfectly cooked and the ribeye was the ultimate man’s meal. The pecorino potatoes that were on the side of the steak were the highlight for me! Crispy, salty, and a hint of sharpness from the cheese made them dangerous to be at fork’s reach.

To polish off our dinner outing we indulged in probably my favorite dish of our meal, warm bourbon glazed donuts. These bite sized pastries had a crispy outer layer with a slightly sticky, sugary bourbon coating with a spongy, moist, cake-like center. They reminded me of the zeppolis you get at the fair, but so much better (I did not know that was possible!). I would come back simply for these donuts!

Anthony David’s was a great restaurant selection to meet with friends. Their dishes made it easy to share (And believe me you’ll want to try it all) and the food was delicious. Their approach to Italian is a  unique take on the traditional recipes that any slightly adventurous diner will enjoy!

To learn more about Anthony David’s head to their website:

…all for the love of the dish



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