Snack Happy With STRONG & KIND Bars

Snack Happy With STRONG & KIND Bars

Hi my name is Missy and I am a snack addict. There I said it. But it is the truth. I have always been a snacker. I’m known around the office as the girl with the drawer full of goodies. I’m always the first stop if someone has a strike of mid-day hunger. Although I love to snack, I do try to keep my snacks healthy. I stock up on options like fruit and veggies, rice cakes and organic peanut butter, small bits of dark chocolate, etc.

When I decided to try a gluten free diet for 30 days a few months back I discovered a snack that has become a staple in my daily noshing. This favorite snack of mine is KIND bars. I love them because they are not only gluten free but, most of them are also low in sugar, non-GMO, dairy free, low glycemic, and low sodium. You can also read and recognize every ingredient on their packaging list. The philosophy of the company is no less inspiring. They have started a social initiative and movement to promote the sharing of random acts of kindness (both big and small). Once I had tried just about every flavor of their nut bars I started taking to social media to share my love for the brand and branching out to try their grain bars and clusters.

In the process of this mission to spread the word, one of the brand managers of KIND reached out to me to recognize that they noticed I had been sharing my positive feedback. They not only thanked me but offered for me to try their new line of  STRONG and KIND almond protein bars. I jumped on the proposition. Just a few days later I had my care package in hand.

Their new line, STRONG & KIND, is the brand’s first-ever savory snack line featuring 10 grams of soy-and-whey free protein. They continue to be made from ingredients you can see & pronounce and come in 5 flavors. The line’s differentiator is their bold flavors, 10g of pea, almond, and seed natural protein and all nine amino acids.


I received two of each flavor so I kept one of each for myself and shared the rest with friends to get some additional perspective. Everyone’s first response, including my own, was that the first bite is unexpected. You’re not ready for the robust flavor that each of the bar offers. Once you get past this initial shock you can start to taste each of the unique flavor profiles of the bars. The Sweet Thai Chili definitely encompasses some Southeast flavors like cinnamon, ginger, and chili pepper. This was probably my favorite bar. The Honey BBQ and Hickory Smoked have similar tastes with slight differences in the level of boldness (I found the BBQ bar to be a bit more full in flavor). The Roasted Jalapeño nut bar brought some heat but it was not nearly as spicy as I thought it would be. I felt that the jalapeño bar was the most concentrated in flavor. It truly focused on the jalapeño pepper and it wasn’t masked with other spices or coatings. I admittedly did not try the Honey Mustard flavor as I have an opposition to all mustards! I sent these off to a friend who absolutely loved the bars. He said that he loved the crunch and the fact that the bars were not too sticky. He shared that he felt the flavor bordered on jalapeño (he had not tried the actual Roasted Jalapeño flavored bar) but nonetheless he enjoyed them.

I have enjoyed my bars not only at work but also as a pre and post workout snack; a running errands nosh, and even as a late breakfast one morning. The trusted ingredients, health benefits, and added bonus of being easily portable makes these bars a great option for any time hunger strikes.

Read more about what STRONG & KIND bars have to offer or learn more about the KIND brand here:

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