Sun Basket Meal delivery-Why You Should Try and $30 off!

Sun Basket Meal delivery-Why You Should Try and $30 off!

The New Year is almost here and what better time to start fresh?! Part of me is sad that I no longer have the excuse of Christmas celebrations to stuff myself and indulge in gluttonous activities. However; the other half of me is excited to get back on track with my daily eating and exercising routines. I am going to resolve to be a little more conscious of what I am cooking throughout the week. Last year, leading up to the wedding I had become a pro at this activity. Unfortunately, I let the post-wedding bliss get to my head and my stomach a little too much this fall!

That’s where Sun Basket comes in. I told you all a few months back that I have been doing weekly meal delivery services on the regular. I find that the recipes are inspiring and different and the convenience is too good to pass up on the weeknights. Well I recently introduced myself to Sun Basket. As a disclaimer, they did not provide me with free food or any type of incentive to write this post. I simply used the same coupon I am going to offer all of you today and sharing my personal thoughts on the service.

All meal delivery services have their pros and cons. After trying more than six of them now I know a thing or two about what works best for me. I hope to share more on some of the others in the future but, I wanted to provide details on Sun Basket in particular today. The reason I think Sun Basket’s service is up there with the best comes down to three big things.

These include packaging, their healthy approach to food, and taste.


I’ll start with packaging. Every portion of the packaging comes in a recyclable form. There are even provided instructions with each box as a reminder for participants to recycle. The meals also come in very clearly labeled and organized individual bags to keep in your refrigerator until used. I have found that some services simply throw all the ingredients in one large pile and you must sift through to find the ingredients for a given recipe. This make the convenience for time aspect, that much more attainable.

Sun Basket is also a certified organic, non-GMO and sustainable sourced ingredient provider. I know this is an important factor for so many of us who try to eat healthy and responsibly. The fact that they manage keep their pricing at the same level as all the other meal providers is a wonder. Additionally, they have meal options that are Paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, and of course farm to table. I love that they don’t pigeon hole you into one “diet” trend either. They simply outline which recipes fall into those categories and allow the diner to pick and choose from any and all options.  


Lastly, I had the pleasure of cooking up three of these thirty minute meals (they are all around 30 minutes or less to prepare) and taste testing their recipes. I did one vegetarian/gluten free meal and 2 paleo meals. My husband, who could care less about the diet aspect, raved about the pork chop with a fig and rosemary sauce with warm quinoa salad and shrimp with salsa verde and blood orange with jicama salad dishes we ate. They were inventive, full of flavor, and perfectly portioned.


Sun Basket makes it so easy to stay on track with your diets while not paying an arm and a leg or compromising on taste. Lucky for all of you, I am going to provide $30 you first meal purchase through them. That means that 3 meals for 2 people will come to just over $30! That’s $5 a meal for healthy, organic, and time convenient dinners.

Here’s the link you need or just click the banner on the side of the website to take you to savings:

Get $30 off your Sun Basket order! Organic ingredients from the best West Coast farms and easy, healthy recipes delivered weekly.

…all for the love of the dish!



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