Boston Eats-The Barking Crab

Boston Eats-The Barking Crab

I have been on a seafood frenzy lately. A few weeks back I covered the Belmar Seafood Festival and most recently I had a trip to Boston where I visited the seaport and indulged at a local seafood favorite, The Barking Crab.

A few months back, I planned my visit to Massachusetts for a stay with my cousin who lives a little ways outside of the city. She immediately began to throw out restaurant reservation options (She, just as most of my family does, knows me so well. I love that all I need to do is say I’m coming for a visit and the red carpet of foodie fun ideas rolls out). I am a BIG “chowdah” fan and that was my only requirement for the weekend. I needed to get my fix. I had never been to the seaport region of the city for a meal so her suggestion was to check out one of her favorite spots. My “chowdah” was on the menu so off we went!

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…all for the love of the dish


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