Travel Food Feature- Skytop Lodge in Poconos, PA

Travel Food Feature- Skytop Lodge in Poconos, PA

I find year-round lodge style hotels to be super charming. There is always a unique sense of character and features that set them apart. Last month I visited to Skytop Lodge in Pennsylvania’s Poconos region and had a five star style afternoon. I wanted to share some of the reasons why I want to go back to stay at this hotel. I also wanted to explain why just stopping in for lunch or dinner is worth the detour.

The beautiful stone building has sweeping views, even in the dead of Winter. It’s one of those places where your eyes light up as you pull into the long driveway and approach the Lodge. The grand hall and entryway is a long room with comfortable seating nooks that look both cozy and upscale. There is an old library converted into a lodge bar and sitting room on the main floor as well as a formal dining room for meals. For a more family oriented and casual experience you can descend to the lower level. A game room, gift shop, the tea room and ice cream shoppe, and the tap room are nuzzled into the bottom floor to explore.

We settled on going to the tap room rather than the more formal dining room for our lunch. But, this didn’t take away from the quality of the food. The menu had inspired bar style fare and American classics. With a large assortment of flatbreads, sandwiches, salads, and appetizer style options we had a hard time narrowing it down. In the end we got a few items to share in addition to our main lunch selections.

The wild mushroom and pear and brie flatbreads were a hit at our table. They had crunchy crust topped with quality cheese and toppings. They were quick to be split at our table. The classic wings were meaty with the ideal buffalo sauce that had that hint of heat but, was not too overwhelming. The French onion soup came in the cutest crockpot and bubbled over with the cheesy topping. The burgers were made with short ribs from the renowned Pat Le Frieda. But, more notably the handmade crispy potato herbed potatoe chips served on the side were truly addictive.

We had a relaxed lunch sharing food and swapping stories. My husband’s family used to spend an extended weekend at the lodge every winter with all their cousins growing up. Hearing all the memories of adventures on the grounds, in the cabins and in the main lodge was such a fun experience. I could picture the great fun as a child and an adult that this lodge can bring. It’s the reason I can’t wait to bring my own family back to start traditions in the future.

Whether your’re flying in to make this a full vacation retreat or just stopping in from a quick ski or lake weekend, this lodge has something for everyone. I can’t wait to return in warmer months to sit on a rocking chair and look at this place in full bloom too!

For more information on the resort head here:

For the full menu at the Tap Room where we dined you can click here:

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