Travel Tip: SCOUT Foldable Travel Bags

Travel Tip: SCOUT Foldable Travel Bags

I’m so excited to share today’s travel tip with all of you! I was recently introduced to SCOUT brand and their fashion forward, but functional, travel bags. After trying their two in one foldable travel bag for myself I’m ready to shout the reasons why I love it so much from the rooftops! So here it goes….

I am always on the lookout for products that make traveling easier. When you’re constantly on the go it’s important to find practical travel “tools”. Anything to do with creating extra space, becoming extra space or helping to reduce excess packed items in my suitcase goes straight to the top of the list. I’ll admit it, I’m an overpacker. I could live for a month off of what I cram into a carry-on for a weekend getaway. I also always seem to find myself coming home with more than I left with (could be the shopping habits but shhhh). That’s where my new SCOUT bag is going to become my new best friend!

The SCOUT two in one foldable bag starts out as the size of a makeup bag. You just toss this into your suitcase or in the back of your car for road trips. Then when you make that impromptu new shoe purchase or stumble across the best gourmet food shop ever, you have room for the goods. You simply unzip the small bag, take out the folded larger bag and voila! you now have room. And ladies, this bag can totally count as your personal item on a flight. So no need to pay for a whole new checked bag.

Other great use cases for this large bag include a beach bag, a ski trip locker bag, or even a diaper bag (I’m thinking about my own future here….). The little bag can become a cosmetics case, sunglasses holder, or snack pack. The possibilities are really endless.

Aside from the now obvious perks of this foldable bag it also comes in tons of trendy patterns. I can’t EVER claim that I am a true fashionista (I mean let’s be real from the pictures above- my calling is food and travel not fashion blogging HA). BUT I do like to look cute and be on trend when I can. I opted for The Blue Hour design and I love the sophisticated simplicity of the pattern. But maybe the bright pink lines of the Chelsea speak to you more? SCOUT makes that easy with their seasonal patterns that fit every individual’s style. I should also mention the quilted fabric of the bag also makes them extra chic as well.

Now that I’ve spread the love for my new travel bag it’s time for you to get a SCOUT bag for yourself

And as for me, the next big adventure my SCOUT bag will take won’t be on a plane. It will be to the hospital. I plan to use it as my overnight bag when I go into labor! It’s perfect.

Happy Travels!

…all for the love of the dish


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    February 28, 2018 / 9:18 pm

    Thanks or the great information.

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