Travel Tips: Favorite Blogger Travel Tips Round-Up

Travel Tips: Favorite Blogger Travel Tips Round-Up

Hi All! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite blogger travel tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way from some of my favorite food, travel and lifestyle influencers. Summer vacations are right around the corner and I wanted to get this out there in preparation for all of you. There is such a vast community out there and I certainly turn to many of these websites as resources. I’m taking the work out of searching for you and curated a list of some of the most useful tips. I’ve thrown in a small handful of my own wisdom I’ve shared on BTP too that you may not have had the opportunity to read up on.

Tip #1 : How to Eat Like a Local

when you’re traveling, you want to immerse yourself into the local culture to get the “True” experience. BTP discusses the best ways to ensure you’re not falling into the tourist trap restaurants. Read more here

Tip #2: Hat Packing Strategies

Every girl has gone through the motions of trying to figure out how to pack a hat without ruining the brim, bending the center etc. Gal Meets Glam has some super quick tips (I live by #2) to successfully traveling with all your favorite big hats on vacay! Get the tips here.

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Tip #3: 6 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Blonde Abroad blog, get yourself acquainted. She is one of my travel blog idols. Everything from her city guides to wanderlust worthy social posts are follow worthy. There is one post that is a great overview of easy tips to budget traveling that I think will benefit all of you. Take a read!

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Tip #4: Top Destinations to Visit

I get some serious warm weather envy from this Atlanta based travel and Lifestyle blog. Lush to Blush is always on some beach showcasing the many reasons we should be hopping on a plane to Cuba, Guadeloupe, Hawaii and so many more. Here she shares her favorite locations for 2018 travel and her own bucketlist. Search her travel archives for some jetsetting ideas!

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Tip #5: Beginners Guide to Points and Miles

If you’re someone who travels a lot or wants to in the future, it’s important to know how to maximize your travel points and miles. The Points Guy is the ULTIMATE resource for all things frequent flyer. His whole site is dedicated to helping everyday people like you and me get the most out of our credit cards and loyalty programs. He is the reason I started using Chase Sapphire Card (Not an ad, just sharing a personal note here). I was able to have my honeymoon, my first class flights to Oregon wine country, our last trip to Rome and Croatia and many more trips ENTIRELY paid for with points. Here’s a beginners guide he puts out, but definitely take a browse on his site for more information.

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Tip #6: The (Almost) No Fail Plan to Jet Lag

Salt and Wind is a blog after my own heart. They are a travel and food focused blog that has turned their passion into a trip planning service. If you’re a huge foodie take a peek at their travel website for curated trips. Their blog on the other hand is similar to Behind the Plates with travel guides, tip and a big food food center including recipes. One guide I found helpful was their Jet lag tips. Bookmark these for your next trip.

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Tip #7: Planning a Dream Honeymoon

I personally pride myself on planning trips. But, when it came time to plan my honeymoon in the midst of wedding planning, a full time job and blogging I realized I might need to lean on some resources to help. I managed to have the 19 day honeymoon of my dreams. But, whether you’re doing a local long weekend or an all out luxury vacation, you want it to be memorable. These tips can help point you in the right direction!

There are SOOOO many other great travel resources out there but, this is a great little list of some of my favorites. Follow along with all of these inspiring bloggers as well as Behind the Plates for all your travel wants and needs 😉

Happy Wandering!

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