Uptown Art – A Paint and Pour Party

Uptown Art – A Paint and Pour Party

I have a friend whom I enjoy setting up girls night outings with because every time we make plans we try to do something different. Sometimes it’s a gym class, others a night out to dinner, and this past girls night it was a painting class.

Now, I want to start out by saying I am not an artist. I enjoy arts and crafts but, I couldn’t draw a stick figure if my life depended on it. My friend has attested that she falls into this same category. So what the heck would make us take an art class? Simple, it involved wine.


Ironically, both of us had taken notice of a new trend that has been evolving in some towns. This movement consists of art studios that offer affordable classes to target inexperienced people, like me, with promises of a fun night out. There is also the offer to bring our your own wine to enjoy during the class. Uptown Art in Denville, NJ (There are branches of this store across the US) is one of the newest studios that adhere to this concept. I found them because they began to follow me on social media and as a result I took a look into their offerings. My friend simultaneously sent me a message proposing for us to try out one of these types of painting classes. We were signed up the next day for our latest girl’s night out.

One funny anecdote I wanted to share about our experience is that both of us began to follow Uptown Art on Instagram leading up to our class. The company has a great social presence and loves to share pictures of their latest creations and  final products from some of the classes. Every painting looked fantastic from every class. We continuously texted each other that the class must be using paint my numbers because there was no way every painting could turn out that well. Well, it was certainly not a paint by numbers class but even in our session everyone’s turned out wonderful. It’s a great demonstration of the Uptown Art’s teachers ability to make the steps comprehensive enough for even the most novice of artists (AKA us).

The class was a lot of fun. We arrived to the studio and were directed right to the wine bar to get our BYOB beverages set up for the evening. The station provided the glasses, wine openers, and even ice if it was needed. We also collected our aprons and our paint  (They provide simple direction for how many “squirts” of each paint color are needed for your painting). We were introduced to Liz, who would be our teacher for the evening, and  Brian, who was the “helper”  providing any assistance needed throughout the class.

As I mentioned before, our teacher made the steps simple (this is a very relative term…it was still difficult however; if I can do it, believe me anyone can!) enough to follow along. The best part  of the class was that it was done in sections and after we finished one area we waited for the paint to dry. This allowed us to fit our girl chat in.

By the end of the night not only did I have a great time catching up with a friend but; I also enjoyed a delicious bottle of wine and I had a painting to hang in my house (I’m proud enough to say it was good enough to hang up for others to see). It was also a very inexpensive evening. We went on a Tuesday when they offer $25 painting nights. We both agreed that this would not be our last visit to Uptown Art. I have already inquired as to what other types of classes they will be offering. Wine glass painting and paint your own pet are near the top of my list for the next visit (These classes are coming this month).

Uptown Art studios are located in 11 states across the country. They have monthly calendars that provide each night’s painting (so you can personally select what night to come for the painting you like), any special events, and the class’ pricing.

You can go to the main Uptown Art website here to find a store near you: www.uptownart.com

Or check out the studio I went to in Denville, NJ: http://www.uptownart.com/denville/  

“Like” them on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/UptownArtDenville

Tweet them: @UptownArtNJ

Or follow along with all the perfect painting pictures on Instagram: @uptownart_denville

…all for the love of the dish



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