Zinburger Upgrades Casual Burger Dining into New Experience – Morris Plains, NJ

Zinburger Upgrades Casual Burger Dining into New Experience – Morris Plains, NJ

Its burger breakdown number two today with Zinburger! I did warn you it was all about the burgers this week. If you missed the first post about burgers and brunch at the Committed Pig in Morristown, NJ you can find it here: http://www.behindtheplates.com/burgers-and-brunch-at-the-committed-pig-morristown-nj/

This restaurant review is about the newly opened Zinburger in Morris Plains, NJ. It is the franchises’ eleventh location and fourth in New Jersey (you can also visit them in Paramus, Clifton, and Cherry Hill). I was excited to hear about the opening as the site for this restaurant sat vacant after an unfortunate fire to another eatery a few years back. I drove past it frequently, patiently waiting for the arrival of Zinburger once it was announced. During a Christmas shopping outing, I finally passed a packed parking lot and my fiancé and I beelined it for the doors to see what Zinburger was all about.


This wine bar and burger joint combo make for an upbeat bar vibe. The restaurant’s interior is modern, bright, and welcoming. Cow art is plentiful amongst the walls and you’ll often find that almost every table is occupied in the fairly large dining room.  It is more upscale than the Five Guys and Smashburger’s of the world. The fact that it is full service and has a full bar differentiates Zinburger into a new class of burger places. However; it is still a casual dining experience.

The menu is an easy read. Burgers and shakes are at the forefront. There are more than 12 variations of each to sort through. There is also the option to build your own burger from a long list of toppings. A small section is saved for salads and sides. Your burger comes solo so the sides are an important addition.

The restaurant’s take on burger selection is similar to that of the Committed Pig’s in the sense that the variations are unique. For example; there is a breakfast burger and a sloppy joe burger in the running. My only qualm with Zinburger’s attention-grabbing options is that every.single.burger has some form of mayonnaise on it. I’m a self-pronounced hater of all things mayonnaise and I’m also always uneasy asking for “sans mayo” when I order because so frequently this request is disregarded. Thank goodness, Zinburger got it right on the first try when I ordered my meal without the mayo.

El Diablo Burger


My fiancé and I sat at the sleek bar on our bright green energetic stools and sipped on beer while weighing our burger options. He decided to go with the El Diablo which featured braised onions, pepperjack cheese, fire roasted jalapeños, lettuce and of course mayonnaise. Due to his refusal to give up the mayonnaise for me, I was unable to taste test his burger. However; he managed to relay that the spicy blend was delicious.

I chose the classic Zinburger with wine braised onions, manchego cheese, lettuce and NO mayo. I thought the combination of flavors was tasty. However; it didn’t quite hit it out of the park. The onions need a little more “oomph” in the flavor department to set this burger apart. We also feasted on a side of onion rings that were zesty if not a tad too soggy.


In a head to head burger competition, I have to give the award to The Committed Pig. However; I would be happy to saddle up at the bar, have a few drinks and eat a tasty burger again at Zinburger. Zinburger’s atmosphere was lively and casual. It made for an easy afternoon of chatter and lunch.  I also have to point out that it had just opened recently before my initial visit. The kinks will most likely get worked out and with the crowds of diners that I observed paired with the laid back concept; Zinburger  will not have a hard time finding success.


Check out their site to see if there is a location near you and for the full menu: http://www.zinburgereast.com/

…all for the love of the dish


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