April Amazon Giveaway-Restock your Kitchens!

Hi Everyone,

Another giveaway!!! April is the month of giveaways here on BTP. This time a $200 Amazon gift card is up for grabs. As an Amazon Prime member myself, I am constantly getting packages in the mail with new kitchen trinkets and household pantry items. Just last week I got the cutest silicon trivets for hot pans. $200 will go a long way with the deals you can find on there. Just think about a new pots and pans set, those new knives you’ve been eyeing or even a week or two worth of groceries through Amazon’s new Fresh set-up. Best of luck on your entries…


Summer Travel Wardrobe Giveaway #2

Hey Everyone,

The second summer travel wardrobe has arrived! This time the prize is a J.Crew gift card valued at $200. That’s enough to do some swimsuit damage for beach vacations or airy long sleeve crews for the camping trips. Whatever your adventure is, I’m sure a little wardrobe help will go a long way. Good Luck!


Asian Pork Burgers with Sriracha Ketchup and Grill Season from PC Richard & Son

Let grilling season begin!!! It’s that special time of year where you can smell smoky food sizzling up in people’s backyards, drink clinking on decks, and usually laughter and conversation.  I must say that I have a huge case of food envy every time the scents of grilled food waft into the streets. I personally am not permitted to own a grill in my house complex (HUGE bummer). But, it gives me a great excuse to go visit friends and family. This week I did a little guest cooking experience at my parent’s house to try out their grill and bring you this recipe in partnership with PC Richard and Son.


Summer Travel Wardrobe Giveaway!

Hi All!

I don’t usually pair up with clothing stores for giveaways because fashion isn’t the blog’s focus (Although I do have a love for clothes!!!). But, I thought it would be fun to have a few this Spring so you have a chance to build up those summer travel wardrobes! This giveaway is for a chance at a $200 Nordstrom Giveaway. Be on the lookout for another shot at a retailer gift card later this month too! Best of luck to you all and happy travels 🙂


Maple Bacon, Mushroom and Potato Baked Egg Skillet


Last month’s big snow day gave me the opportunity to break out that cast iron skillet and make an egg skillet that warmed me up on a cold winter’s day.  As soon as I heard that this snow day was a possibility, I hit the grocery store to stock up on some comfort food and some breakfast fixings. I said this in my last skillet recipe post but I’ll say it again, I rarely get to eat a home cooked breakfast. So if there is an opportunity, I am going to seize it. And seize it I did!! My office announced it was closing the night before, so after sleeping in a bit, I drowsily got to the kitchen to kick off my easy skillet meal.


Disney Gift Card Giveaway- Spring 2017

Hey Everyone-I have a month full of giveaways coming your way. It kicked off with the Easter Cash Giveaway and now we are onto another great one for Summer travels. Enter below for your chance at a $250 Disney gift card. That’s a lot of cash towards a trip! Use it for hotels, park tickets, souvenirs, etc. The possibilities are endless. Best of luck!


How to Throw a Dinner Party- Tips, Menu Planning and Personal Touches

 I’m so excited to share today’s post with all of you!!! Last month I threw my first “real” dinner party at our house. I’ve had plenty of planned dinners with family and friends over the years. However; this one was different. This one didn’t just have my cooking involved it also came with invitations, menus, place settings, and some tablescaping. I went all out to really make it a true party setting.


Easter Cash Giveaway

Hey Everyone!

Happy Spring! I am bringing all of you a fun little cash giveaway to kickstart your summer travel fund! $250 in cash can go a long way when booking flights, hotels or activities! Or use it to restock your grilling stations for some summer cooking. However you put the money to use, you don’t want to miss out so enter now. Good Luck!!!


Gnocchi with Truffle Arugula Pesto and Spring Vegetables

  • When I decided to join the Gluten Free for 30 day challenge with my gym, I didn’t do a great job at looking at my calendar ahead. With Saint Patrick’s Day (Goodbye Beer ….), a weekend excursion to Washington D.C. and my first big dinner party at our house planned, I had my work cut out for me. But, I survived the month and managed to stay on track.


“REAL” Good Food on Montford-Charlotte, NC


My Charlotte journeys continue to grow as the months pass on! Last month I had my fourth visit in the past six months to the Queen City. I spent three days bouncing around for work activities, visiting my best friend, and of course continuing my food adventures. I have to share a quick story that gave me a laugh while on my visit. I spent some time with a work colleague who lives in Charlotte and has for thirteen years. As we began to discuss my love for food she started to list off some of the popular bars and restaurants in the area. I let her in on the secret that I had gone to almost everything on her list. She explained with shock that she had lived there for over a decade and had yet to go to most of them.  The conversation continued with me giving her recommendations on which hot spots to get to and which seemed a bit overrated.