3 Ingredient Spring Flower Pie Bites Recipe

3 Ingredient Spring Pie Bites

What’s more fun than colorful Spring desserts? Its Easter week and I wanted to bring all you readers a fun, SUPER easy, and bright idea for your celebrations. I know I have made mention in the past that I am certainly more of a cook than a baker but, this post is a reiteration of that anecdote. If I am in charge of dessert I tend to try and come up with the easiest and quickest recipe possible. However, that doesn’t mean I like to sacrifice on creativity!


French Onion Quinoa Casserole Recipe

french onion quinoa casserole

I like quinoa however; my use of this grain was feeling very tired lately. I was convinced there was a way to make it more exciting and flavorful but, I just had not discovered it yet. The thing about quinoa its cooked just by itself it is pretty bland. This very flaw of quinoa is also it’s positive characteristic. Quinoa takes on the flavor(s) of whatever you cook it in or with. It’s a blank canvas that you can get creative with.


A Day at the 7th Annual New Jersey Food and Wine Festival

Market Lunch-Annual Food and Wine Festival

The 7th annual New Jersey Food and Wine festival took place at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg this past weekend. I had the pleasure of being able to attend a small portion of this three day gastronomic centered celebration. I had the intention of staying for the entirety of Saturday for a handful of seminars and the Grand Tasting which would feature over 30 renowned New Jersey restaurants and chefs. This is not to mention all the wine vendors that would be in tow. Unfortunately, after getting through two of the seminars my winter cold got the best of me and I made the decision to head home and get to bed (I didn’t think everyone would appreciate me spreading my germs!).


Cambridge Wines- An Interview with Sommelier James Ricciardi

Cambridge Wines

Hey All-Here’s a great Throw back Thursday Interview with the men of Cambridge Wines in Morristown, NJ. It has now been open for quite some time and has become a town staple. For any of you who are already familiar with Cambridge…what you may not know about yet is their amazing Wine of the Month club. I’m on of their over 200 members that receive monthly wine installments from the shop. It’s a great way to learn more about different varietals and try up and coming wines. Their starter level (which is what I receive) is only $25 a month for 2 bottles of wine. 


Chunky Curried Lentil Soup Recipe

Chunky Curried Lentil Soup

As much as I hate to admit it, it is still cold out and therefore, still soup season. Until those winter jackets are firmly packed into the back of our coat closets I won’t believe spring is on its way! And while I can’t wait for all those light, crispy, and bright spring meals; I am still enjoying the savory comfort of warm winter dishes.


The Taste that’s the Talk of the Town-Montclair, NJ

Taste of Montclair 2015

This past Monday marked the Montclair Rotary Club’s Fourth Annual Taste of Montclair. This charity event (all proceeds benefited organizations such as Toni’s Kitchen, the Human Needs Food Pantry and the Salvation Army) was a party to be reckoned with, not to mention a food lover’s paradise. It was the ultimate cocktail party with over 45 participating local restaurants that showed off their unique flavors and cooking styles. The appropriate catch phrase for events like Taste of Montclair should be “Go hungry or go home”. Thank goodness I was part of the hungry crowd!


Corned Beef Stuffed Cabbage Recipe- A Twist on a St. Patty’s Day Classic

Corned Beef Stuffed Cabbage

Its St. Patrick’s Day season! I can honestly say I don’t cook Irish style dishes too often in my house. But once a year I feel it is a MUST to have the traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage. The only thing wrong with this dish is, it’s a little boring.  I started to think how I could liven this dish up and still keep all the traditional components. And then I had an epiphany! I had been craving my great grandmother’s recipe for stuffed cabbage. It’s a traditional Polish dish that my family has passed down and it has become more of a special occasion meal. I thought… what if I swapped out the usual ground beef filling for corned beef and changed the usual tomato sauce to a vegetable stock?


Shrimp Scampi Wontons with Lemon Parlsey Pistou Recipe

Shrimp Scampi Wontons with Lemon Parsley Pistou

I’m so excited to bring all of you today’s recipe. A few months ago my mother called to tell me she saw a recipe blogger challenge in the newspaper and she thought I should enter. It was sponsored by Healthy Solutions Spice Blends. After reading up on this company,founded by Shelly Wolcott, I found that its purpose was to bring healthy and affordable spice blends to households. Her spices are free of fillers and preservatives, most have no salt or sugar added, and there is no MSG in any of the blends. After reading about this small woman owned company and her initiative I knew I would love to help support its mission (And of course try to win the contest along the way!).


March Foodie Happenings Around NJ

March 2015 Foodie Happenings

Can you believe it’s March already? I know I can speak for most of us by saying that I am very patiently waiting for warm weather to return.  I’m hoping that March gives us a few days to get back to enjoying the great outdoors (And selfishly my fingers are crossed that if those days appear that they are on the weekend!!).


Salute Brick Oven Bistro-A Taste of Tuscany in Montclair, NJ

Salute Brick Oven Bistro-Montclair

Reviews, The Dish | February 27, 2015 | By

A recent girls night out brought me to Montclair for dinner. This North Jersey town has a vibrant restaurant scene and there are so few that I have been able to visit. With a recommendation from one of my friends who frequents the area we settled on going to Salute Brick Oven Bistro for dinner.